The only thing that could top this day is hot fudge. With nuts and whipped cream preferably.

I just remembered something else my husband always does:  put in the DVDs.  I don’t know why but I HATE putting the DVDs in the player.  Johnny always does it for me, and today I miss that about him.  My Netflix all came yesterday and I’m working my way through in his absence.  Getting up and down and pushing all these dang buttons on the remote is KILLING ME, PEOPLE!

I might miss the whole pregnant thing soon.  Because then people will stop coming over to my house and shampooing my stinky couch (after taking me to three locations to find a carpet cleaner to rent WITH the upholstery attachment), shampooing our stinky carpet, washing our stinky dog, doing our stinky laundry and being generally good — no, amazing — company.

Like this little lady here:


Christina is a fellow transplant from Texas (we lived in the same town there together and now live 40 mins from one another, how cool is that?).  AND SHE IS FABULOUS!

Juicy is very depressed that his daddy is not home.  And afraid of anything resembling a vacuum cleaner.  So he spent most of the day outside rolling in dirt (hence the bath, hence THANK YOU GOD FOR CHRISTINA) and pouting.

Juicy sad2

And yes, we had to wash those cushion covers too.  Henry doesn’t get his picture taken often because he is so well-behaved.  I think children must be similar, no?  Something about the squeaky wheel getting the grease would go nicely here…

In other news, Trader Joe’s frozen macaroni and cheese is THE BOMB.  I will miss it when I’m back to watching my diet.  Sigh.


2 thoughts on “The only thing that could top this day is hot fudge. With nuts and whipped cream preferably.

  1. Twisted Cinderella says:

    I haven’t tried that macaroni and cheese. I am not back to watching what I eat yet. I will but after having to so strictly watch what I eat while I was in the hospital for 21 days, I am having a few days to eat whatever the heck I want!

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