A shout out to the Alaska boys

And now a special edition blog that has NOTHING to do with pregnancy!

My husband went to Alaska last week to perform his first wedding as a licensed minister!  I’m so proud of him!  I was grounded at home because I am a huge pregnant person (ok so we had to at least MENTION my blessed condition), so off my husband went to the wild north to reunite with his best friends from college. 

Here they are!

(l to r): Tom, Keith (the groom), my Johnny, Jeff, Matt, Ryan, Paul

John, Keith, Jeff, and Matt all went to the University of Illinois together.  After they graduated (John had already gone on to graduate school in Houston), the remaining three decided to move to Alaska and become chefs!  And they did it!!  Keith (the friend that John married) is the only one who still lives in Anchorage because he met the lovely Allison:


Isn’t her dress just to die for??

John performed their wedding and spent a long weekend hanging with his friends eating wonderful things like bacon-wrapped scallops, creme brulee, and wild, “snow white” Alaskan halibut.  Um, no fair?

ANYWAY, John gave 50 million people there my blog address and also promised that there would be an Alaska blog … and so, here it is.  Congrats Allison and Keith!


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