Any suggestions on HOW TO GET HER OUT?

On Wednesday we visited Dr. P and made our birth plan and got the first cervical check.

The bad news?  I tested positive for Strep, which apparently in a few cases could cause the baby to develop Staph sooooo I’ll get anti-biotics during labor.  Apparently it’s not a big deal but when you’re sitting on the exam table with nothing covering your lady parts but a paper sheet (too small, by the way) it’s a bit intimidating.  The other bad news?  No dialation or effacement of ANY KIND.  This kid is basically swimming upward and the doc predicted we won’t have delivery until after the estimated due date.  CRAP.

Otherwise, here’s the report:  I’ve gained one pound in the last two weeks, and my belly has gained an inch, so that means that she’s grown.  I could have told you that after the unbearable tightness I’ve been experiencing all this week!!  By the time she’s born she’ll be big enough for kindergarten, not to mention any ride of her choosing at Disneyland!  Her head was definitely down (according to the cervical check and feeling around for her position on my belly.  My blood pressure was 120/70 (fabulous) and the baby’s heartbeat was strong and normal (the doc came in when she was taking the heartbeat so I forgot to ask the number).  All was very well!

A decision was reached on the Sling Primary of 2008Julie convinced me that the HotSling was the way to go and I ordered one online at this week!  I got one on sale for $23 plus they had super cheap shipping.  WOO!  Julie needs mad props on this one people … I emailed her about 10 times freaking out about what size to get and how can you measure and how do you know how big your boobs will get and she responded WITH PICTURES to assuage my fears.  It was AWESOME.  Thanks Julie!!  I did the same thing about ordering nursing bras from  I got them in the mail this week and I think I got the size right … they are stretchy, and there’s just a bit of bag in the cups which I shouldn’t have a problem maxing out when my milk shows up.  Why am I telling you all this?

Perhaps it’s because I want to appear prepared when THIS is what our hospital bag looks like (and yes, we have yet to get the guest bed out of the baby’s room).

Baby's room  

Oh dear.  At least we’re not in a rush or anything.


8 thoughts on “Any suggestions on HOW TO GET HER OUT?

  1. Erin Anderson says:

    I totally feel your pain! I just had my girl two weeks ago. She was 8 days late. I had absolutely no cervical change whatsoever. I had to be induced and it took 24 hours to get to 2 cm! I know how frustrating it is to go to the doctor and not have one measley centimeter, but I also now know that it eventually does really happen, even when it seems that it never will. 🙂

  2. rachel says:

    I just thought I’d let you know that on a Monday a couple weeks before I was due I went to the doctor. She told me there was no way the baby was coming before my next appointment. I wasn’t dilated. My water broke early Saturday morning and I still wasn’t dilated. You just never know how these things are going to work out. I know you are probably uncomfortable, but your precious daughter will come when the time is right.

  3. rachel says:

    Oh, and I had the strep too. They’ll put you on antibiotics through an IV. It isn’t bad at all, but they do have to make sure you don’t give it to the baby.

  4. Caroline says:

    Walk, keep walking. Spicy foods, sex? Didn’t you see that episode of Friends when Rachel was in the same place you were? Keep moving. MY nursing bras did not fit after milk came in, Yikes, I still wore them because they do go down again after. About the baby’s room , Elizabeth did not even have a crib until she was 8 weeks old. We were moving and had no room for one with all the boxes. Worry about getting the baby out!! two more ways to get her out, foot massage and nipple massage?There is a pressure point in your foot that supposedly stimulates contractions

  5. Emily says:

    There’s a phrase I bet you never thought someone would post in your comments: NIPPLE MASSAGE. Hee! Am so mature. CLEARLY.

    Hey, I think the bed in the baby’s room is GENIUS. Feed her, put her back in her crib and flop down on that bed, which will save you from wasting something like three precious seconds walking back to your own room in the middle of the night. PERFECT.

  6. Julie says:

    So proud of you on your sling decision (yes, I support the decision you made, but I am mostly proud that you made a decision!)

    I know it seems like it sometimes, but you can take comfort in knowing that you won’t be pregnant forever!

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