40 weeks: Drop it like it’s hot

Yes, I'm still pregnant.  Are you as surprised as I am?


The countdown is officially on:  6 days until the due date (August 16), 4 days until Ash and Mike (my sis and her boyfriend) get here, 5 days until my mom gets here.  I'm excited!!  This is a big week for us!

After last week's doctor's appointment John was suddenly inspired to get the crib done.  He started in the den while we watched America's Got Talent (we are addicted to that show!!):


Juicy was not very helpful, by the way.  After John made a little headway, we realized that the crib wouldn't fit down the hallway assembled.  Sigh. 


Once he got it apart and moved into the baby's room, things took shape quickly.  It took a few more days, but now it's done!!  Well, almost.  We still need to get a mattress and the bedding, but since we have a bassinet for our room we're not too concerned just yet.

Isn't it pretty?!  Daddy did a good job.  And don't worry, we'll get shades for those windows.  🙂


This is a photo heavy update for a few reasons, the foremost is that I was up until 1 am and got up at 4:45 am (with three bathroom breaks) to get my high school kids off to Young Life camp!  The girls all slept over at our house and the boys slept over at our church so we could make the pickup time.  I was so bummed when the bus pulled away!  All the kids are hoping that by the time they get home from camp next Sunday the baby has come … I can't say that I don't echo that sentiment!  After they left I came back home to go back to bed for a few hours before church and Juicy and Henry had pulled down the kitchen garbage can AGAIN.  There was garbage and coffee grounds everywhere.  ARGHH!  I cleaned it all up, lit a Febreeze candle, and stumbled back to bed.  I barely made it to church in time (pretty sad when your husband is the pastor!) and I've been useless all day. 

Sunday afternoons are lovely for being useless, thankfully. 

Things were going great until Juicy got into the bathroom trash can … after seven teenage girls had been through there.  You get the picture.  My neighbors have probably heard many unholy words coming from the parsonage today. 🙂

In pregnancy news, the itching has subsided a lot except for on my ankles.  Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream has helped a lot!!  It's going on my long list of things necessary for surviving pregnancy (coming to a blog near you later this week).  I can definitely tell that the baby has dropped … my stomach is a different shape and while I'm still really tight, it's less intense.  Also, Little Buddy's butt is usually front and center right above my belly button, well, where my belly button used to be anyway.  She likes to wag it bag and forth and spends a lot of time trying (unsuccessfully) to stretch out her legs and arms.  I'm pretty sure she wants OUT!  Now I wish my body would figure that out and let her!!

But not until my mom gets here.  I need my mommy.


6 thoughts on “40 weeks: Drop it like it’s hot

  1. mom says:

    Mommy’s coming as fast as she can!!! I can’t wait. I keep telling everyone, “I’m having a baby:)”.

  2. Jenny says:

    You do realize if you don’t post something new, like EVERY day, I’m going to assume you’re in labor. And b/c it’s been a whole 3 days since your last post, I’m wondering if little buddy has made her appearance already….

  3. Jenny says:

    Oh, and if you haven’t gone into labor yet: would it be asking too much for you to update your blog with an “I’m on my way to the hospital” entry? Yeah, that’s probably asking too much.

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