41 weeks: Elvis has NOT left the building!

I never thought I'd be 10 months pregnant.  Seriously, someone needs to call Guiness. And can I just say that I am going to be SO DEPRESSED if I make it to my 3 pm doctor's appointment tomorrow?  Dr. P is going to be so damn smug it just kills me.

Last night I pooped 5 times.  And that's the closest we've gotten to L&D.  SAD. 

When I was up in the night I did feel kind of like my pelvis was opening up and for a moment I almost thought I could feel the baby's head … but WHO AM I KIDDING!?  I need to get used to looking this way, I guess.


Unfortunately, I am on the one on the left … not the one with the sassy haircut and the waistline.  That's my hot sister.  BOO.

There are plans to take me to Target today to cheer me up (and buy diapers).  Maybe the sight of the red and white lights will throw me into labor.  Sigh.


7 thoughts on “41 weeks: Elvis has NOT left the building!

  1. Brandy says:

    I completely remember that feeling!! Hopefully you will not have to see that smug look on your doctor’s face and you will just start on your own any minute. Good luck!

  2. larmar says:

    sorry amanda!! it’s almost over!!
    and perhaps it was the head… not to get your hopes up, but i have a feeling that once things start, they will go quick for you!

    (and, please pass this on to ash… HOT HAIR!)

    hope you are all doing well and enjoying each other’s company.

  3. larmar says:

    ya, better to get the poop out now. i did that while having awful contractions in the hospital while wearing a hospital gown and strapped to an IV pole. the home toilet is MUCH more comfortable. 😉

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