Doctor’s update: 4 days overdue

John and I just got back from the doctor's office.  Everything's fine … and nothing has changed.  ARGHHHH.  I've lost one pound.  My blood pressure is great.  The baby's heartbeat was 133 and sounded good (to me … although it took her forever to find it because of John's cell phone, which scared the crapola out of me). The baby's sitting pretty at -1/-2 station and Dr. P. said she probably won't float back upstream because he couldn't push on her and move her like last week. 

Tomorrow morning we have a fetal non-stress test at the hospital.  I'm glad about this because at this point I'm just worried that the baby's ok.  If all is well, we're back to Dr. P. again next Wed. at 12:45.  If she still isn't born by then I'm scheduled for an induction on August 27th at midnight.  On a positive note, Dr. P. said that there's a 90% chance that I'll go into labor on my own by then.  I also got the very real sense that Dr. P. felt compassion for me — hence the whole -1/-2 station range — and he was really nice today.  Which meant that I couldn't be mad at him on the ride home and I just got sad.

Anyway, just in case I have to be admitted tomorrow for some reason we're taking our bags and the whole fam with us.  I'll keep you updated!!


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