42 weeks: Help a sister out edition

ONE WEEK OVER PEOPLE!  Trying to not let it get the best of me!!

Since we have time on our hands over here I thought I'd take this opportunity for a few last minute shopping questions.  We have not yet purchased a stroller to go with our car seat (we have a jogging stroller for working out when Little Buddy gets older … thanks Mom!! The seat will not fit in the jogger, sadly. Mom has also supplied a nifty little umbrella stroller). Anyhoo, I'm feeling a bit lost … do I get the stroller that is just a frame for the baby seat? Do I get the stroller that I can use with my kid until she's three and just snap the baby seat in travel-system style? Is it morally wrong to have one of those AND the jogger? I'm perplexed, and also a little intimidated by the premise of having ONE MILLION STROLLERS. So, first, I need to know:

Right now I'm leaning toward the stroller that goes with our car seat ("travel system" style … we got the Chicco baby seat). I have a friend in the neighborhood who told me to call her as soon as I'm ready to walk and I'm hoping that it won't be longer than a month! The problem with our neighborhood is that the sidewalk is very bumpy in a lot of places because of tree roots and I don't think the snap-n-go type stroller can take it. BUT everyone says that the snap-n-gos are AMAZING for Target runs, etc. A friend of mine has one she said I can borrow BUT she's about 4 months prego so she'll need it back. MEH! So NOW I need to know from you seasoned veterans:

Ok, and one more: Where do you get those cute little teddy bear pads/neck supporters for the car seat/stroller straps?? I've seen them a few times lately and I waaaant. Help please.

In other news, we got a package of crocheted goodies today from John's aunt!!  Fun!  I love crocheted goodies!!

 8-22-08 089

Juicy also loves crocheted goodies:

8-22-08 094

He has NO CLUE how badly his world is about to be rocked.  And neither do I.  🙂


8 thoughts on “42 weeks: Help a sister out edition

  1. rachel says:

    You can buy the neck & car seat pads at Target or Babies R Us.

    As far as strollers, I really liked the snap frame and didn’t have any trouble on the sidewalks. If your friend has 5 months to go, why not borrow hers and see how you like it? I borrowed one until LG was about 5 months old then he hated being in his carseat any longer than he had to.

    As far as the chicco, my friends have one. It is a very nice stroller, but they never take it on trips because it takes up so much space. I have a nice umbrella stroller and the only thing I don’t like about it, is that the basket underneath isn’t big enough.

    If we had the space I would probably own 3 strollers but since we don’t, I only have 1. I am thinking about getting a jogging stroller though.

  2. Nora says:

    Taking a guess… Sharon? We have SOOOO many awesome goodies she’s made for the kids.

    I got those strappy thingies at Target or Walmart… I think. They are cute and they are softer to rest their little heads against versus the straps.

    Here’s our stroller breakdown over the past 3 years:

    We started out with a travel system dealio and used it for a year… It was great. The first 6 months we put her car seat in it… the next 6 months we just put her in the stroller. When she turned a year the travel system was passed to Steve’s son, Nathan, and we bought a NICE umbrella stroller similar to this one: http://www.gracobaby.com/catalog/product.aspx?modelNumber=6C00PTI&CategoryID=2. We have worn this thing out… it’s survived the zoo 1000 times, Disney World, Holiday World, and a million and one shopping trips. The handles are HIGH so you don’t have to bend over at all to push. LOVE IT! We’ve used it for 2 years now and it’s still hangin’ in there.

    Praying for you guys!!!

  3. Caroline says:

    I would not buy the travel system. Even a month after delivery that thing is still to heavy for you to carry. I say carry the baby yourself. More weight on you, helps to burn calories. And babies love to be that close.

  4. Lily says:

    Travel System: nice for leisure strolls or shopping at the mall.

    Car seat by itself: great to sit on the front portion of shopping carts at the grocery store or Target. That way, you can store the goodies in the cart, without people believing you’re shop lifting.

    Umbrella stroller: Well, mine isn’t quite an umbrella stroller; it’s a bit more than that. Storage isn’t great (believe me, storage is a good thing . . . do you really want to hold a diaper bag or other goodies you pick up in your arms?), but it’s great for traveling. A baby can’t go in that until after she’s strong enough to hold her head up for long periods of time. I bought Isabella’s when she was about 11 months of age because I was in a wedding and was the only adult traveling.

    I’ve seen lots of parents traveling with the traveling system, when flying. It has excellent storage, and it’s easy to push around in the airport. Downside to taking such a thing to the airport? Have to check a carseat and a stroller at the gate.

    Got to run. . . a toddler wants my attention.

  5. J. says:

    I was going to type mine out, but you can just read Nora’s–it’s nearly identical! CarSeat+matching stroller until she was out of the infant car seat (10 months for her), then the Graco Ipo stroller (in the Latte color).

    I have friends that swear by their snap-in things, but I don’t like that you can’t use it when it’s done. I do use my travel system stroller when she needs a tray, for example, we went to a cookout with a bunch of friends and rather than lugging a stroller and a chair for eating, we took the big stroller and she ate off of the tray.

    I think it mostly depends on your lifestyle. If you mostly shop at Target/stores with carts, you might not need the travel system stroller. I used mine All Of The Time–that car seat is heavy, and if you’re running in and out of several places you’re not going to want to take the little one in and out (and you’re going to hope she sleeps in the seat, for at least a few months).

    So I have two but don’t jog; if I did I’d have three strollers. Let me tell you: I went to the Museum of Science and Industry with my kid and two good friends who are childless. By the end of our museum trip, both of them were contemplating getting a stroller for similar trips, just because of the convenience. I love my strollers.

    Sorry this is so long–and I didn’t even really answer your question. I think it depends on what you imagine your lifestyle to be. If I lived in a city and walked everywhere it would be a lot different than where I am now.

  6. larmar says:

    this is the one i have.
    except in orange. it’s GREAT. a little more to it than an umbrella stroller, but not near as much as a travel system one. it lays back, so she has been able to be in there since she was about a month old, just needed to make the straps a bit tighter with some pins (not like she was going anywhere anyway). i really love it. i used the travel system one once, but it was so bulky and heavy to get in and out of the car. i have to take alex out of her car seat for this one, but it’s worth it. she just lounges back, kicks her feet up on the bar, and takes everything in.

    let me know how that jogger is! i have been trying to figure out if it’s worth it to get it. we have a travel system one (which we don’t use), an umbrella one (which we haven’t used yet), and the one above… do we NEED another one? eh.

  7. Anna says:

    Dude, I have nothing helpful to say… just that I entered Babies R Us today to buy a shower present, and was IMMEDIATELY overwhelmed. Who knew babies needed so much STUFF? It’s incredible. Good job navigating it all, sheesh!

  8. Emily says:

    I had a Kolcraft Universal (similar to the snap n go, but worked with the Chicco car seat) for the first 4/5 months. I used it RELIGIOUSLY. Then, the baby wanted to sit up more and look around more, and so we started using our Maclaren, which was acceptable for babies 3 months and up. Now I mostly use it at the mall, because Asher likes to walk and I prefer shopping carts at Target and the grocery store. And we use our jogging stroller every single day (or at least, we did until I got pregnant) for long walks outside.

    I would totally take your friend up on the offer to borrow the snap n go. My guess is that you’ll be ready to give it back by the time she delivers.

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