An open letter to the unborn

To the baby bear who is currently residing in my womb,

Hi baby girl!  I know that you're super comfy because we saw your little chubby face today on the sonogram screen and you appeared to be SMILING!  The nurse told us that you're healthy, happy, and getting everything you need.  I'm sure you can tell how relaxed that made your mama feel (that's me by the way) because all day we've been lying on the couch eating cookies and dozing off while Daddy gets ready to teach tomorrow. 

Since you seem content to stay where you are for now, I wanted to tell you about all the wonderful things that are waiting for you should you decide to come out!  And we are ready!  See?  Our bags are all packed and ready to go!


Look!  You have your own bed!


Actually, you have TWO beds!!  You get one in Mama and Daddy's room too!


OOh, and in case you get sweaty, you also have your own private air conditioner.  Your bedroom also has shades in there thanks to Auntie Ashley and Mike!!  That way you can sleep in as late as you want in cool comfort!!


You also have lots of cute things to wear, lots of toys to play with, books to read, and people who love you who are DYING to meet you (and find out your name.  Aren't you curious about what your name is too?).

There's Ash and Mike (they are so much fun!):




Grandmommy and Pops:

8-18-08 016

Uncle Jono, Aunt Caci, and your cousin Robert:


and your big brothers Henry and Juicy REALLY wish you'd hurry up and get here to play with them (they are so bored!)!!:


There are lots more people too.  They can't stop asking about you they're so, so excited! We know you like to procrastinate a little, just like Mama, but we were hoping you could come soon?  Before Wednesday night?  Because if you don't mean ole Dr. P is gonna MAKE you come out and we have a feeling that might make you a leeeetle bit grumpy.  And Mama too.  And Daddy doesn't like it when his girls are grumpy.

We love you!!

Love, Mama


3 thoughts on “An open letter to the unborn

  1. Emily says:

    I am DYING to find out her name! Absolutely DYING, especially knowing that we are having a girl too!

    (And I LOVE the bedding. Adorable!)

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