How she was born, Part I

Ok, so apparently I'm supposed to post the long drawn-out version of how Sydney came into the world?  It's going to take a while, probably will need to be done in installments since I have a BABY now, but here we go!

On Wednesday night we had Thai food at a little place just up the street with John's parents.  This is the meal that will now live in infamy as "what we ate the night before you were born!!"  It was a good meal!  I had salad, beef sa-tay, chicken chow mein and fried rice.  So much for taking it easy on what you eat before you go to get induced, eh?

After dinner we piddled around for a long time trying to get every little thing packed and get things all straight at the house.  I was having a few contractions here and there but it wasn't anything I hadn't experienced before.  John's parents babysat our dogs for us and stayed over at our house, which is only about 20 minutes from the hospital.  We left at around 12:30 and made incredible time … you'd think it'd be busy around LA at all hours of the night but the streets were open and quiet. 

We arrived at the hospital and got all checked in.  John went downstairs and moved the car while I got changed into a hospital gown and into bed so the nurse could ask me a billion questions.  John came back up in the middle of that and got himself set up in the fold out chair next  By 1:20 am I was in the bed and got my first cervical check.  At that time I was hooked up to the fetal monitors and I was having regular contractions but I couldn't really feel them.  I was expecting to be at or around what I had been that afternoon: a fingertip dilated, not effaced, -1/-2 station.  Instead, I WAS FOUR CENTIMETERS DILATED AND 70% EFFACED!!  HOLY CRAP!  That was the most exciting thing we'd heard in weeks.  The nurses called Dr. P to see if we could skip the cervical pill and go straight for the Pitocin and he agreed.  By 2 am I was hooked up to the IV and was uncomfortable.  I didn't sleep all night … I just flopped around on the hospital bed and dozed for a while and a nurse would come in every 30 minutes and fix the fetal monitors because I had messed them all up.  John got a little sleep on the hubby bed next to me but when 7 am rolled around we were both worse for the wear.  I was informed that Dr. P would be in soon to break my water.

And that's when things started getting REALLY interesting!

More soon…


5 thoughts on “How she was born, Part I

  1. Emily says:

    You are a trooper for writing this down so soon! But you’ll be thankful, too, because you’ll be able to remember every detail, and what a cool thing to be able to show Sydney one day! Congrats again! Can’t wait to hear more!

  2. Liz says:

    I LOVE the play-by-play. Maggie and I were discussing that this is as close as we’ll probably get to war stories. We all have one. They’re similar enough and different enough to be interesting to all of us. It’s a right of passage story! Hope the first days with Sydney are going well!

  3. J. says:


    Eagerly anticipating. I guess I’m spolied by TiVo and always being able to fast forward to the next part.

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