Sydney’s first week

And now, may I present a totally gratutious picture post to celebrate our CUTE ADORABLE WONDERFUL PERFECT baby's one-week birthday? 

Day one:


Day two:


Day three:


Day four:


Day five:


Day six:


Day seven:


We love you baby girl!


8 thoughts on “Sydney’s first week

  1. Lily says:

    Day 3 is my favorite. Day 7 is my next favorite. Can I have copies of those pictures? For my birthday, maybe? No offense to Johnny. Pictures of him and Syd are great, too.

  2. Lily says:

    Oh, and 2 notes:

    1. Love how each person has one arm up in day 6.

    2. No fair that you should look so fantastic the first week. No fair. No fair. I still look crappy, 3 months later.

  3. J. says:

    Day 3 is my favorite, too, and I kind-of love 5 and 6, but heck, they’re all wonderful! What a cutie, and I’m sure you’re enjoying her so much (and isn’t it nice that you can enjoy her around the clock and don’t have to break for an entire night of sleeping. I’m sure you’re grateful for that).

    Thanks for posting pics–you can never post too many!

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