I shouldn’t be complaining: I’m a D-cup for the first time in my life.

So, I probaby shouldn't have worried so much about whether or not my baby was receiving "quality" nutrition via my breastmilk.  Today we took her in for her weight check and she rang in an impressive 10 pounds, 12 oz!!  We were shooting for 10-7 … hip-hip hooray for my overachieving baby!!  Tonight when I tried to put her in newborn-size footie pajamas (that previously fit) her feet were practically bursting through the ends!!  This upset my then-visiting father-in-law so much that we had to immediately change her into something bigger and comfier.  Tres cute, no?

(this was the one milisecond she napped tonight, by the way) 

All this being said, my baby is a ravenous beast.  She nursed for 3 hours intermittenly tonight and she STILL is screaming her head off at my husband back in our bedroom.  I pumped what I had left … 1 measly ounce from both breasts combined.  I usually can manage at least 3-4 oz. after I feed her.  DANG KID, let me reload!!  I'm sitting here guzzling whole milk (which, by the way?  YUM.  I haven't had this stuff, like ever.  Seriously, all we drank at home my whole life was skim), shoving mini-muffins down my gullet and hoping that my body hurries up because Godzilla Baby is HUN-GRAY and Mama is TIRED.

I think I had some other things to say here but I'm totally drawing a blank.  Is it possible that brain cells drain out through breast milk?  More soon.  Hopefully.


6 thoughts on “I shouldn’t be complaining: I’m a D-cup for the first time in my life.

  1. Connie says:

    Your body will respond totally different to the baby than to the pump. It’s better to keep her on the breast more to produce more, rather than the pump. pumping comes in hand in a few weeks but not important at this stage.

    3+ hour feedings are totally normal as well right now. It’s called cluster feeding.

  2. larmar says:

    glad to hear things are going well!! ya, i hit the D cup too; crazy. they go down after a while. and i promise she will start getting a hang of that sleep thing.

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