Superbaby/ Superdaddy

Wanna know what THIS little (startled-out-of-her-nap-so-Mama-could-get-a-picture-of-her-outfit … YES I AM ON CRACK) superstar did on Friday night? 


SHE SLEPT FOR SIX HOURS STRAIGHT (cue the choir of angels singing the "Hallelujah Chorus").  Maybe it's because she has the best daddy EVER?



Yes, I would want to let this man sleep too after all the heavy lifting he's been doing lately.  He does it all folks … he demands that he gets a bottle to feed her, he changes poopie diapers, he STILL brings me ice waters with A STRAW, AND he works 60+ hour work weeks.  Peeps, this guy deserves an award!!


4 thoughts on “Superbaby/ Superdaddy

  1. Rachel says:

    Don’t you just love your husband more now than you ever did?

    As far as the nursing constantly, she may not actually be hungry, she may just feel comforted by the sucking. Every baby is a little different, but if you are dry, a pacifier or a thumb may help.

  2. O Me, O Mine (Morgan) says:

    First off, your house is so cute. Secondly – so is your husband!!!! I love that he wears Sydney!!! My husband used the bjorn once and declared that he never would again. It hurt his back. But that was okay with me, because he is wonderful with our girls. I am so happy you have a Good One too!

    And HOORAY for the 6 hour stretch of sleep. Mine did that last night and I was so rested today.

  3. Caroline says:

    YEA!! She is on her way. You just wait girl. You will feel like a totally different person when she sleeps like that.

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