Home alone

Dear Mom,

I would like to take this opportunity to officially apologize for all the times I made fun of your giant granny underwear.  Now that I am a mom, I get it.  They are awesome.  I now own 8 pairs, and my new underwear rule of thumb is: "The bigger, the better."




I can hardly believe that just three weeks ago, this was us (p.s. THANKS A LOT to my sister's boyfriend Mike for providing photographic evidence of just how HUGE I was! Meh!):

8-22-08 081

And now here we are!


I probably shouldn't complain about the size of my stomach NOW.  And I really should try harder to get out of my pajamas before dinnertime.  Sheesh.


She's big and beautiful and SO CUTE when she's asleep (there aren't many "awake" pictures because when she's awake, I'm busy!).

Today Grandmommy (John's mom) left after spending a week babysitting me and our house.  All morning Sydney has been shooting me looks from her bouncer that say "Are you sure you can handle me?  I remember what happened last week when we were alone!!"  I only have to make it until 2 pm today when John gets home and we got a few hours of sleep last night so we should be all right.  Right?  We'll be all right, won't we?  Ahhh!

On Tuesday her umbilical stump finally fell off and yesterday she got her first dunk in her baby tub.  She's been getting sponge baths and her hair washed every few days and she wasn't too crazy about that (too cold!), but she liked being in the warm water!  She didn't make a single peep!  I was a water baby so hopefully we'll have another swimmer on our hands!

Also, it's looking like her eyes will be brown!  Within a few days of birth her eyes were already changing from blue to brown.   I'm holding her and typing one-handed right now and her eyes are already completely brown.  She looks exactly like this guy:


(hee hee) in every other way so at least she got my eyes!

I'm thinkimg of all these details that I never shared from the first few days … how we skipped straight to size one diapers and none of her newborn socks would fit, how I fainted the day after surgery (dont worry I'll eventually share the full story on that), how cute my mom looked in scrubs … oh if only I had two hands free!  More soon.


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