It’s NOT a bug’s life

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Does anyone else have the problem that when you find a bug crawling on you (or in your general vicinity) that then for the next hour or so you think you have bugs ALL OVER YOU?  I call this phenomenon "phantom bug."  Unfortunately, I'm not suffering from the phantom bug problem right now … we have the real thing.  I just woke up from our routine morning nap to find ANTS in THE BED.  What's worse?  I also found them CRAWLING ON THE BABY. *pause for freaking out*  I'm pretty sure if I was going to hell — because I finally swerved on the freeway and hit some jackass who cut me off and therefore ended his/her life — I would be condemned to go on that show where people have to lie in a glass box and voluntarily have bugs crawl all over them.  What is that show called?  You know the one with the annoying short guy who is all "OH SNAP!" every time someone barfs?  Anyway, on the Hades version of that show, I would NOT get money for doing that.

The ant problem we currently have started about a week after we brought the baby home.  Originally we thought it had something to do with the weather or the fact that we over-watered the garden, but finally I figured out that I was putting nursing pads full of breast milk into the bathroom garbage and … yeah.  So wherever milk has inadvertently splashed, leaked, or been pumped (that's pretty much EVERYWHERE), ants are so on it.  GROSS.  We have so many ant baits lined up everywhere in this house it's a little tacky.  I've been trying to avoid spraying Raid because we have dogs and yes, A BABY, but dang, the ants in the bed was the last straw!  We are on the attack now, jerks!

So, was that a long enough tirade about bugs for you?  Move on, shall we?

I HAVE A ONE MONTH OLD BABY.  This is crazy.  When I was pregnant time CRAWLED and now that she's out it's flying.  We took her for her one-month checkup yesterday and she now weighs 11 pounds, 10 ounces and is 23 1/2 inches long.  She's in the 97th percentile for everything!  Without being asked our doctor was all, "I can't really predict how tall she's going to be when she gets older…"  and we were all "Oh, we're not worried, we add a few weeks to her age mentally anyway."  And when she's 12 and already 5-foot-4 (as I was) we'll be telling her not to worry because she was 11 days late and is TOTALLY ahead of the curve!

And she IS, people!!  She smiles reflexively and she's only on week 5!  My baby is a genius!


Anyway, there were no shots this visit which I was really happy about but I now have an entire month to get worked up because next time, we get FIVE.

She also finally, finally met her cousin Robert (and Aunt Caci and Uncle Jono too).  It went REALLY well. 

There was (unstaged HEARTMELTINGLY CUTE) hand-holding:

lots of general merrymaking:

and a glimpse into the future: 

"We are Baby BFFS, yo."

Sydney and I agree, cousins are the bomb.

I'll leave you with a sappy story only a mother could love and then a question:  Yesterday we decided, enough is enough, it's time to do our errands together.  We made it to the cleaners, the bank and the Taco Bell drive through with no problem!!  Lastly, we made the trek to Target, which takes about 15 minutes.  For whatever reason (I contend that my daughter MISSED me), Syd started to cry in the backseat.  It began as a "I lost my paci" whimper, but then by the time we got to the store it had digressed into a "I'M DYING!  SERIOUSLY, I AM GOING TO DIE" wail.  Frankly, I wanted to die by the time we got there … it felt like we hit every red light and every old lady on the west side was out for a cruise!  Finally we were parked and I tore around the side of the car to get her out of her seat and the second she saw me she smiled and stopped crying.   I practically STARTED crying I was so moved!  We skipped around Target with the Baby Bjorn (which yes, I know I said I was down on, but I AM IN LOVE WITH MY BABY BJORN NOW!) just high on life.  It was awesome. 

And now my query:  How does one conduct tummy time?  We did a little today on a blanket on the couch but all she did was spit up and didn't seem to enjoy herself very much.  We also have a playmat but I'm not sure if I should even be worried about this yet.  When did you start your baby on tummy time?


10 thoughts on “It’s NOT a bug’s life

  1. Emily says:

    First, can I tell you a quick story? My sister-in-law was feeding her daughter and her daughter was screaming bloody murder so she took the bottle out of her mouth and there was an ANT stuck halfway out of the hole in the nipple clogging up the flow. AN ANT. ALIVE AND EVERYTHING. So be glad you’re breastfeeding, at least no ants will get stuck in YOUR nipple.

    I don’t remember when we started tummy time, but I do remember we started it with the Boppy pillow. He seemed to enjoy it more that way, rather than flat on his belly. But I confess, Asher is one of the only babies I’ve ever heard of who actually LIKED tummy time. But he had reflux so it must have felt better to him. Most kids HATE tummy time, is what I hear. So don’t worry if she doesn’t seem to enjoy it at first!

  2. J. says:

    My mom started tummy time with K. within a week of birth (they did it during my momrning nap time). That might be a bit early, but if you start with little bits but every day, she’ll get used to it and it is never a big deal. K. liked it–I would try to show her interesting things and talk/sing to her. Mom and K. did tummy time in her crib (which she wasn’t using for sleeping) and I did a lot on a blanket or playmat on the floor.

  3. Caroline says:

    By the time Elizabeth was 6 weeks old, she slept on her tummy. SHHH don’t tell the doc. If she is unhappy then maybe try a different time of day , she will let you know when she likes and go by what she likes.

  4. nora says:

    I would say starting now is good. Generally, they hate it at this age (Bethany NEVER liked it), but the doctor told me to let her cry and just try to entertain her and get her through at least 10 minutes. Later on, I let her prop herself up on the bobby pillow and that seemed to make her happy.

    Very cute story… Bethany cried in the car ALL THE TIME which made it horrible on Sundays with our 30 minute drive to church. Thank God for Daniel in the backseat to entertain her and hand her a binky.

  5. Kara says:

    I wouldn’t stress about tummy time…they eventually roll over and figure it out. But I used to do it just a few minutes a day…not right after they eat.

    Oh…and we always thought they misdiagnosed my due date with Amy and she was really a month older. She smiled at 5 weeks too. 🙂

  6. larmar says:

    we did a little bit of tummy time when alex was just a few weeks old. like only a minute at a time a few times a day. she HATED it. but i would get right down there and sing and be generally stupid right in front of her face, which would distract her a little bit. it’s good just to strengthen up those arms a little bit. and she has always slept better on her tummy.

  7. Auntie Ashley says:

    Sydney’s going to have a crush on her cousin Robert too! Ha. Way cute pictures. Were those really non-staged??

  8. Kathy V says:

    Hey I am not sure about the tummy time cause I am not there yet. But as far as the ants go. Put cornmeal in little dishes beside your garbage cans for a few days. They will carry it back to the nest but can’t digest it. It will kill them. THen you won’t have to spray the raid around the dogs or baby. The cornmeal in nontoxic to the dogs if they happen to decide to eat it. I hate ants. They are terrible little critters and seem to multiply. We had a colony of them at my office. We didn’t want to spray stuff cause the colony is near my desk and hello I am pregnant. So we set up a few traps and they seemed to go away. The cornmeal really does work though. Since you have them everywhere, set up multiple bowls though, it will take care of the problem faster. And again, nontoxic. Hope that helps with your critter problem.

  9. Courtney Adams says:

    Tummy Time-Try her on a yoga ball (one of those big round blow-up kind) and then put her in front of a mirror! Chase loved this, just keep a hand on her or…..Chase was a tummy sleeper from week 4..he loved it too (and slept better)!

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