My own private Hair Thursday

Can we talk about my hair for a while?  It's driving me cA-rA-zAy.

Hopefully, I'm headed to the hairdresser to get my hair did this week.  It's so, so overdue.  I was too lazy the last few weeks I was pregnant to get a trim and I didn't plan on having as much extra TIME (11 DAYS, need I remind you?) as I did.  I do plan on a bit of a style change, but I'd like to still keep my hair long-ish … trying to avoid the "mom" haircut as long as I can.  Hopefully you'll help me with that in a minute.  First things first, I have a burning question: How much do you tip your hairdresser?  Please elaborate!!

Let me explain:  I'm a recovering Fantastic Sam's addict (read: For the last few years, my haircuts have not cost more than 20 dollars).  In college I went through a phase when I was in the salon chair nonstop getting different colors and cuts.  It got out of control so when I became a poor graduate student I finally had to go cold turkey.  I grew my hair out and occasionally used a temporary home hair color kit to keep things from looking too wacky.  I only got trims at cheap-o stripmall hair salons.  It took three years, but finally I had a low-maintenance hairstyle and my natural hair color.  Yes, I know, BORING!  But easier on the brain and wallet.

When we moved last summer a friend recommended a hairdresser at a real, live hair salon and I went for it.  For 60 smackers a lovely wash and blowout are included (like, duh) and she doesn't talk my head off … just light chitchat and no hollering over the blowdryer to tell me about her relationship problems.  Since she did a decent job the first time I've gone back several times (despite a bangs "incident" that was mostly my fault), but I've always been unsure on how to tip her.  She owns her own chair at the salon and I make my checks out directly to her.  I always wonder if tipping her is necessary since she already charges so much (and since she's not the best hairdresser I've ever had.  The best hairdresser I've ever had is named Adrian and lives at the Wal-mart hair salon in Texas.  I am not kidding.  He had long purple fingernails, sometimes I had to wait an hour to get my hair cut, but he made me feel like a supermodel and it only cost EIGHTEEN DOLLARS.  I MISS HIM).  Then I remember that not tipping someone is just RUDE and MEAN unless they've left you bald and weeping.  Fifteen percent would be 9 bucks (right? I stink at math), and I usually tip between 10 and 15 dollars.  Which means I'm paying $75 FOR A TRIM in lots of cases.  Granted I only get my hair cut every 3-4 months (lazy), so I guess it averages out but DANG.  I'm a cheapskate.  I can't believe I'm even toying with the idea of NOT tipping.  Don't tell anyone, mmkay?

Let's move on.  My HAIR!  What should I do with it??  I can't expect Whoorl to hook me up a second time (and let's face it, her waiting list is a million miles long).

Here's basically what we're working with:

Before: Long and out of control!

This picture is old … so imagine this, only RATTIER.  YUM.

Option A:


I like how it's kinda messy-looking (hence she looks like she just raked her hands through her hair, a tic that I am so guilty of), her layers aren't too severe and it's still long-ish without being chunky or overpowering.  This style would also still look good grown out, dontcha think?  I would like to be able to still put my hair in a ponytail because let's face it, I only shower every other day.  Can I also say that I wish Kelly Ripa's amazing arms came with this hairstyle?  Sigh.

Option B:


This one might work with my "bangs incident" which is still in the growing-out phase (my bangs are long enough to tuck behind my ears).  I LOVE the texture and how her layers flip out and yet her hair still has a lot of length.  I'm looking to lose some bulk (i.e. I need my hair to air dry faster because the hairdryer is pretty much a thing of the past).  Also, I hate it when my hair is layered and has that wacky two-length thing going, you know what I mean?  I have a jar of pomade so I could totally work this style until I get too lazy to fix my hair.  If I went this way I would probably go a bit shorter and have less bangs.

And yes, I realize that Ashley Olsen probably spends $1000 on her haircut and tips $500. 

Thanks for your help!!  I post the results when they come in.  (Here's the link to the REAL Hair Thursday.)


8 thoughts on “My own private Hair Thursday

  1. Kathy V says:

    Well I am all about easy especially since you have a baby at home. While the second one is totally cute, it would require a little more work and effort than the first one. Too boot, once you sleep on it with all the hair gel, you could create a bigger problem when it won’t go where you want or flips weird out of a ponytail. So my suggestion would be for the first one.

  2. nora says:

    First of all, shorter cuts does not equal a MOM cut :). I had my hair long after both my kids and after WEEKS of ponytails I went short. The cut I have now is by far my fav and I think it’s one of the best I’ve ever had. Makes me look younger and hipper and I can full-on style it in less than 15!

    I did like the Kelly cut though… should take a lot of bulk off your hair and look cute. I voted that I tip 20% or more, but my hair chick has a little salon in a little town and she only charges 12 bucks for my hair cut, so I give her $20 because my hair cuts look as good (if not better) than my friends who pay $40 or more. If I had to pay $60, I wouldn’t tip but a few bucks, but I’m REALLY CHEAP!

  3. A'Dell says:

    I get my hair cut by this local lady I found by Google-ing my city and “salon.” She ran a local adwords campaign and that’s how I found her. She costs $30 and I usually give her 2 twenties for a cut and blow out because anything less feels far too cheap for how awesome my hair looks when I leave.

    I have had great luck trying out smaller, independent shops rather than fancy salons. Kind of risky to try someone new, but can be worth it.

  4. guest says:

    A stylist will likely tell you that they won’t be able to do the ripa haircut because your bangs wont be long enough. If they try, they will probably shorten the rest of your hair by alot.

    (Happened to me this way)

  5. Caroline says:

    I would talk to your stylist about what is the best hair for growing out your bangs and being a new mommy. I got haircut that looked good either air dried or not. The older Sydney gets the more time you will have for yourself. So also consider a haircut that is easy to transition to when you do have time to do your hair.

  6. Auntie Ashley says:

    You could wait until Thanksgiving and I could try and hook you up with a haircut from my hero, Kurt. He is amazing. His haircuts are 45…I tip him like 10..and I’ve NEVER been disappointed. I love my short hair by the way and I think he made it quite stylish.

  7. Thursday says:

    Two very stylish ladies have told me in the past “Never, ever let another woman cut your hair. Always have a man do it”. They’re right. The best haircuts I’ve had have been by men. I’s say neither of those cuts but a jawline bob (not sure if that’s just a British term). Anyway, a sharp cut would work really well I think.

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