For the first time in my life I HATE being right.

Remember when I was freaking out about taking my baby out of the house?  Because of germs?  Because people kept trying to touch her face and hands?  I should have trusted my gut.  I should have been more of a jerk about the handwashing.  Why?  Because yesterday morning my 5-and-a-half-week old daughter woke up with PINKEYE.  CRAP. 

The short version of the story is that we took her to urgent care (SCARY, but not as scary as the urgent care I visited last fall when I had three ear infections), she got a prescription ointment, and then followed up with our pediatrician today and she's gonna be fine.  But have you ever woken up after a long, fussy night to find that one of your infant's eyes is basically goobered shut?  If there is any excuse to cry on the phone to your husband, who has already gone to church to preach, this is it.

SO, to all you new moms out there who are worried about what other people think of you shielding your child from their DIRTY, SCUMMY, GERMY hands, learn a lesson from me:  Screw them.  And to all of you baby-touchers?  BACK AWAY SLOWLY.

"Pinkeye SUCKS."

For extra fun, John and I are both sick with colds.  Bad ones.

Also?  I hate my haircut.


It's everything I hate about haircuts: chunky layers that are too short, this whole crazy bi-level Carol Brady thing, WHINE WHINE WHINE.  I forgot my picture, I was flippant in how I described what I wanted, and THEN I tipped $13.  I am a total pushover in every area of my sad life and now I will wear a ponytail (a short, short one) every day for the next three months.  Meh.

Well, at least I have friends:



6 thoughts on “For the first time in my life I HATE being right.

  1. nora says:

    Pink eye does stink. Bethany has gotten it multiple times. Here’s something interesting though… did you know there are several kinds, one of which is caused by allergies? I figured this out when Bethany got it several times when I knew she hadn’t been exposed and none of us caught it. Most other times the viral kind sweeps our whole house no matter how careful I am. Nevertheless, the ointments/drops help pretty quickly. Also, warm wet washclothes. Helps to get the goo out and helps soothe their eye.

    Sorry about your hair… maybe you’ll figure out a cool way to fix it.

  2. Caroline says:

    Pink eye could actually be her reaction to the colds you and John have. Sorry. Someone would have to have touched her eye. Sad. Let the hair grow out some and you will figure something out. Try headbands? I like the fabric only they don’t give me a headache and it can hide the greasy parts.

  3. Emily says:

    Oh, that was my complaint too when I got my hair cut. SO I FEEL YOUR PAIN. Go away, Carol Brady and QUIT HAUNTING US.

    (Keep taking your prenatals and it will grow out faster.)

    I owe you a big, fabulous, thank you email… I got your package over the weekend and I CRIED it was so awesome.

  4. Auntie Ashley says:

    I left Kurt (The Miracle Hair Man)a message…hopefully he can get you in sometime when you’re here! I’ll do my best.

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