I am boring

So I really don't have anything to blog about but I was just catching up with blogs on my reader and I read this post by my BFF Lily about going to the zoo with her husband and kids and my sister and her boyfriend.  It kind of made my day that Isabella saw a picture of a bear and identified it as "Mike" … who is Ashley's boyfriend.  SNORT!!  I miss my peeps.  Sigh.

(Ash and Mike at our beach. It's gotta be the beard!)

Today I have breastfed, pumped, changed diapers, changed the baby's clothes (but I am still in MY pjs), put her down for naps, watered the plants in the backyard, done the dishes, vaccuumed, and set up our new playard (which is the BOMB in case you're in the market for one).

(My favorite thing about the playard?  ZZZZZZZ)

My life is SO not like Desperate Housewives (thank goodness).  And while we're on television shows, can I just say that I am OUT OF MY MIND so happy that The Office is back on?? Like to the point that The Office season 3 is in the DVD player in the front room and season 4 is in the DVD player in our room because I can't wait a whole week for a new episode to come on?

Yes, I know.  I should really take up a hobby.

Also, when my doorbell rings and I'm still in my pjs, I panic.  And don't answer it.  Even though my car is clearly in the driveway and I'm obviously home. Oops.


3 thoughts on “I am boring

  1. Lily says:

    Hey, thanks for commenting on my blog. It’s really bad (translation: pathetic) how much I look forward to comments on my blog.

    I’m sleepy and don’t have anything more significant or substantive to say.

  2. Liz says:

    I don’t answer my door if I’m in my pjs either – unless I have the baby crying with me. And then whoever it is feels kinda bad that they interrupted instead of being a little shocked and uncomfortable that I’m still in my Pjs at 2pm. Or unless it’s the UPS guy bringing me presents.

  3. Shelley Pepper says:

    I was reading Lynn’s Weigh weightloss blog (linked from her CNN article) and there was a link to your blog thru Blogher. You were pregnant and funny and I thought the whole blog thing was cool. And your baby is too cute!
    Hope you don’t think it is creepy that I commented. I am really a for real ok person. I have three little girls and a sweet husband. Check out my blog too and we can be random blog buddies! haha

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