The nerdiest Halloween ever

We didn't have a Jack-O-Lantern on our porch this Halloween, but we still had the cutest (and chubbiest) Jack-O-Lantern on the block!!



Too bad her parents fall squarely into the Big Nerd category when it comes to costumes:

(Football girl? Could I BE less creative?)

To get the full effect you really need to see John full-length.

Benchwarm much? Hee!

Last night we had a few trick-or-treaters before we headed out to the non-scary "Harvest Party" our church hosted for the neighborhood kids … not nearly enough visitors to take out the huge bag of candy I bought and have been working on all week.  Today we are hanging around the house in our comfy clothes watching Harry Potter movies because it's sorta cloudy and rainy out … which we are WAY too excited about since we live in Southern California.  The last of the candy was polished off hours ago.  Gotta love Saturdays!

On Monday Sydney goes in for her vaccinations.  Five shots.  It's killing me already.  I look down at my smiley, giggly, sweet, helpless, innocent baby and want to DIE because she: a) trusts me and, b) has no idea what's coming.  I am also worried that getting vaccinated will somehow transform her into a fussbucket.  I know it's for her own good but, WAAAAHHHH.  I'm a mess already!


One thought on “The nerdiest Halloween ever

  1. Nikki says:

    WE LOVE SYDNEY! Post as many pictures as you possibly can. We can’t wait to meet her one day!

    Also, we like your costumes 🙂

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