Our daughter is the bravest little toaster EVER.  The nurse was fantastic yesterday and got the immunization nightmare over with lightning-fast.  Syd took her 5 shots like a champ … she only cried a little (less than I did), and then immediately took her pacifier and snuggled up in her blanket with Daddy while I hid across the room with my eyes covered.  The nurse was shocked at how little she cried!  When we got home she took a 5 hour nap, got up to nurse for a while, and went back to bed for 6 more hours.  She was back to her happy, smiley self this morning but has been a little fussy and sleepy.  Thank you God for infant Tylenol!  I am just so proud of our little girl!!

(Oh, and p.s. our 10-week old baby weighs 13 pounds, 3 oz. and is 24.5 inches long!!  She's in the 97th percentile for height and weight and her head is in the 90th percentile.  Dr. L said what he always says … she's perfectly healthy and doing awesome.  We are so blessed!)

Her band-aids are killing me. 😦

IPhone Roll 005 

Also, we voted today.  I don't care who you voted for, I just hope you all went out and did it.  Hooray for exercising your right to be heard without fear of persecution!!  The cute little volunteer ladies at the polling place got so excited when we came in with the baby.  It was fun.  When we voted in the primary I was pregnant … and it was the first time someone noticed!!  I still remember the lady congratulating us and how John did a silly song and dance all the way back to the car because he got so excited about it.

(John let Sydney wear his "I Voted" sticker.  She did help him vote after all).

This blog is short because we're about to go and claim our FREE Starbucks coffee with our "I Voted" stickers!!  I heard you can also get free Krispy Kreme doughnuts with your sticker.  If that's not a reason to vote, I don't know what is!! Ha ha!!


3 thoughts on “Pride

  1. Morgan S. says:

    You three are really just too cute! What a sweet family.

    Oregon has mail in voting, so I didn’t get to take the ladies with me and they both slept through the ballot counting updates that evening.

    They also BOTH get shots on Wednesday and my mother-in-law arrives that evening….give me strength….

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