Guest blogging by Miss Thang

Hey everyone, it's me Sydney!  My mama is passed out on the couch and she put the computer in front of me while I'm in my bouncer so I guess she wants me to update the blog for her.  She's trying to get me to write the Christmas letter too because all she can think to write about is my poop (I know, classy right?) but I'm practicing for adolescence and ignoring her on that one.

My mom seems to have a problem with complaining in print lately, so I thought I'd tell you all about all the AMAZING things I can do now (you know, other than read and type 80 words a minute).  I'm going to be 15 weeks old this Thursday!  Can you believe it?!  I already wear size 2 diapers.  My daddy says that's because I have junk in the trunk just like my mama.  I say, when we have junk in our trunks, change our diapers please!  I'm also wearing clothes that are for 6-month-old babies because I am tall for my age.  Daddy thinks I'm going to play basketball with him when I get older, but mostly I think he and I will just make fun of mama for being short for her age.  But don't worry Mama, short people are great!  That Kelly Ripa is such a hoot and you're much taller than she is!


Did you know I can make a really cool pirate face?  This comes in handy when my diaper is wet, I'm hungry, or just need some cold hard cash.  I give Mama and Daddy this look and they get me whatever I want in a hurry.

IPhone Roll 043

Also, I can sit up in my Bumbo seat.  Piece of cake, I tell you.  I look wherever I please and my head doesn't even wobble!  I also enjoy leaning like a pimp in my chair and generally just kickin' it old school.

IPhone Roll 067 

IPhone Roll 028 

Tummy time used to really tick me off, but nowadays it's not so bad.  I can pick my head up really far and my arms are getting stronger.  I'm trying to roll over but the only part of me that will roll so far is my butt.  Oh well, I'll just have to keep practicing!

IPhone Roll 042 

My mom and I do a lot of shopping together and I like to ride in my Baby Bjorn (but I do NOT like to be stuck in my stroller.  You can't see a thing!).  Today I started facing outward in my carrier so I can flirt with everyone at Best Buy.  Mama says it's the holidays and I have to work my magic on the people in blue shirts.  I'm not supposed to use my magic outside of Hogwart's until I'm 17 years old, though, so no discounts for Mama this Christmas!

IPhone Roll 041 

Also, I still really, really like my play mat.  Mama put all kinds of extra dangly things on there for me and I grab them and yank them off and wack the crap out of them all (when my mom's hair and dad's nose is not available, that is).  It is so much fun!


Sometimes I let Henry and Juicy borrow my toys when they get bored.  They are very interesting things to look at, dogs.  Now if I could just figure out how to get a hold of that fur we'd be all set!



Know what else?  Baths are AWESOME!  I can't show you any pictures of me enjoying my bath time because Daddy said I'd be grounded until I'm 35 if I did.  Sorry.  But bath time is pretty much my favorite thing ever!  I like to kick my feet and splash my hands in the water.  Then I kick back with a book and a bottle of milk.  It really helps me unwind after a long, stressful day of nursing and napping.

Well, my mama looks like she's really deep asleep and getting into a REM cycle so I'd better wake her up.  If there's one hard and fast rule at our house, it's no sleeping while Sydney's awake!  I hope you enjoyed my blog!


Love, Sydney


7 thoughts on “Guest blogging by Miss Thang

  1. Mary says:

    Really cute post 🙂 The pictures of the dogs are hilarious. How did they react to having a baby in the house? We have a cuddly and lovable lab who is totally spoiled and thinks he’s a lap dog. We’re also pregnant. I’m wondering how he will react and interact with the baby when it comes. Did you have an problems?

  2. mom says:

    Sydney, I’m late for work because I couldn’t stop reading your blog. You are so witty I miss you and your Mom and Dad. Love, Nana

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