All I want for Christmas is 12 hours of sleep

Today (Tuesday) my husband gave me an early Christmas present:  He took Sydney ALL DAY.  Apparently THEY had some shopping to do (for me) together!  Whee!  I had the house all to myself for the first time since we brought baby home.  At first I was a little bewildered and had a "I miss my baaaaby, waaaah!" moment and then I went off like a dervish making lists and organizing my thoughts before the family arrives in force Thursday (we hope … this snow crapola is freaking me out!). I also showered and got dressed in a matter of 20 minutes, which is super fast considering that the process takes nearly an hour if it's just me and the baby and she's awake.  I got going on my baking finally, got most of the Christmas cards mailed, picked up my car from the shop, finished up grocery shopping for the big meal … AMAZING.  I haven't gotten that much done in one day in a long time! I was on such a roll that when Sydney went to bed I finished making cookies!  WOOT!  Too bad I really should have gone to bed because we were up all night last night with the girl.  Note to self: Do not allow anyone to nap after 6 p.m. EVER.

But, coookies. 

DSC03441  DSC03435

While I pumped a to-go bottle for the big daddy-daughter outing, John was in charge of getting Syd dressed.  And yes, we got it on tape:
Style by Daddy from Manda on Vimeo.

It's always exciting to see what he'll come up with when I ask him to dress the girl!  I have to remind myself that (most) men didn't play with dolls and therefore have uh, different, ideas about how to dress a tiny person.  He really didn't do too bad a job … it DOES match as he points out but, polka dots and stripes?  Hee.


8 thoughts on “All I want for Christmas is 12 hours of sleep

  1. Morgan S. says:

    Oh gosh, was that video cute!!!! What an awesome Daddy to put so much effort into dressing his little lady. I love it. Hooray for a day to yourself!!! I am home alone today and it is bizarre. I got a little freaked out for minute even, it has been SO LONG since I had a block of time like this to myself. No one is here to follow me into the bathroom and get the toilet paper ready for me! (Something for you to look forward to 🙂 )

    I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

  2. bud says:

    Alright, just to be clear – I was not saying that you sounded whiny but me (the dude on the video). You are never whiny (mostly 🙂 ). You are a warrior, always!!!

  3. A'Dell says:

    She’s so cute! Love the video!

    Do you have a legit video camera or was that with the video function on a camera? Am thinking about buying a legit video camera but am wondering if other parents really use them or if they sit in the closet.

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