Sears has nothing on our photo studio!

This Christmas my Goal In Life was to FINALLY get a decent picture of our little family.  I had big plans for that over Thanksgiving while we were visiting with my photographing genius BFF Lily but we didn't really want to remember what I looked like after 24 hours of barfing my guts out so, yeah, THAT got bumped.  Up to this point, these are the two photos of the three of us together:




Both cute, although the first one was about 5 seconds after they rolled me into recovery and ripped the blue shower cap off my snarly giving-birth/c-section bedhead. Our baby is now 4 months old and when I was trying to find a pic to include in our Christmas card there wasn't one of her that, well, looked like she does now and featured both of her parents at the same time.  So we set off to get 'er done this year.  And it took EFFORT, people. Shall I illustrate?

Family photo attempt #14:

12-26-08 023 

Family photo attempt #23:

12-26-08 018 

Family photo attempt #363:


And finally, on our 4,387th try, we got one in which we are all looking at the camera and relatively happy. John's head is cut off but we'll settle.  Merry Christmas to me!  Maybe next year we'll get another one, sigh.



Know what sucks?  When everyone leaves after a perfectly lovely visit.  I HATE IT.  We had a blast with my family this week.


How could you NOT have fun when your sister walks off the plane in candy cane socks that MATCH your daughter's Christmas outfit?

12-26-08 105 

"Banana Nana" got to show off her grandbaby to anyone who would look…

(And lots of people looked … because?  Babies? SO CUTE.)


Also?  We fell in L-O-V-E with our cousin Robert all over again.

12-26-08 128 
Whee!  You are neato!  Shall I yank on your hair?

Sigh.  We miss you Christmas.  Good thing we're doing it all over again tomorrow with John's side of the family!  YAY!


5 thoughts on “Sears has nothing on our photo studio!

  1. A'Dell says:

    Yes, we played this game as well and it’s impossible to get a good photo of all three of us.

    We’re having another Christmas this Saturday as well – maybe we’ll try again.

    (Also, will check out Target even though I kind of hate Target b/c mine is really, really gross. Maybe I’ll trek to the far away, but much newer one. I’ll try anything at this point.)

  2. J. says:

    I understand the photo thing. I took 153 Christmas photos of K. over the course of three locations and she Did Not Ever Smile.

    Your picture turned out cute, though (and Syd is even looking at the camera).

    If that didn’t work, you could always use the picture of Ash, her BF, and Syd and pretend that’s the family. That one turned out nicely.

  3. Morgan S says:

    I think your family photos are very sweet, but more are definitely needed. I took close to 100 photos during three separate attempts to get ONE passable photo of the two girls for our Christmas card!

    We have TWO photos of the four of us and I think Blake and I have had TWO photos taken of just the two of us in the last three years. Sad. Yet, there are close to 4,000 photos in my I-photo files. Guess we know what the other 3,996 photos are of – cute baby girls!

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