Formula for disaster

Since I posted recently about breastfeeding successfully, of course, karma would soon have to kick me in the face and make me pay.  Last week track tryouts kept me out of the house for about 3 hours a day, leaving John at home to fend for himself with the hungry girl.  Instead of getting my butt up early, nursing Sydney and then pumping, I rolled out leaving just enough time to change her morning diaper, nurse her for about 15 mins, throw on some clothes and a whistle, and run out the door.  I really thought to myself, "You're not uptight!  Your baby can have a bottle of formula now and then!  Be free little bird!  Fly and be free!"  And the convenience of formula sunk it's evil, evil teeth in me.  Headed out to Target?  Pack a bottle of formula!  No messy cleaning of all those dang breastpump parts!  Going to breakfast?  A bottle of formula is just so EASY.  You can quit any time you want.  It's not like you NEED it or anything. 

It's all fun and games until you don't have to pack a bottle of formula to go anywhere and you don't have enough milk for your baby to nurse.  CRAP.  And DAMN those free samples!

I noticed that my milk supply was a little down but I thought that a day of nursing exclusively would take care of that.  Wrong, wrong, wrong.  I brought Sydney to my breast, she latched for a minute, then pulled herself off and looked up at me with a mixture of annoyance and surprise like she was asking me, "Where's the dang beef, Mama?"  That soon developed into a four-alarm meltdown that could only be solved with a bottle.  As soon as she fell asleep later on I ran to the internet for help.

The only solution?  Pump like a madwoman.

So Sunday night I sat on the couch and pumped once.  I kicked myself for not doing it again before I went to bed around 1-ish.  BUT I WAS SO TIRED.  The following morning I pumped again after feeding Sydney.  And I'm back into that crazy newborn cycle that involves a lot of this:



I'm hoping that this takes care of another little issue we've been having with Sydney NOT POOPING FOR DAYS ON END.  We took her in for her four-month checkup last week and discussed rice cereal (holding off on that for a bit on your advice dear girls) and the doctor mentioned that the iron content tends to constipate little ones.  I recently examined the formula can and it has "WITH IRON" splashed all over it in bold lettering so my guess is that it's the culprit.

Sometimes I can't WAIT to have my boobs back to myself.  But then again?  This is only for a season.  My daughter is growing up fast.  It's worth it.  So, so worth it.



7 thoughts on “Formula for disaster

  1. Ellie says:

    Oh, how I know what you mean. N. has gone on several nursing strikes, which means breaking out the pump (I *so* loathe cleaning those pretty yellow pieces). Every time it happens, I think that this is it, try not to beat myself up about it since we’ve gotten almost 9 months so far, and then he gets back to it. You’re right – it’s so worth it.

    And, just my $0.02, but I’d hold off on the rice cereal too. We waited until 6 mos, and it has that very bad side effect that you mentioned, worse than formula. But eating food with a spoon? SO CUTE.

  2. A'Dell says:

    That Starbucks mug? I have like ten of them from different cities and MY GOD if it is not The Perfect Latte Mug Ever.

    Isn’t breastfeeding funny sometimes? When it clicks and you get it right it’s so awesome. I never thought I would enjoy nursing her as much as I do and the nutrition/smart bonus it apparently gives her is just icing on the cake.

    Because if I had to wash more bottles than I already do? My head would explode. To me, any convenience formula provides is totally negated by all the fricking bottle washing it requires. I hate washing them THAT MUCH.

  3. seussgirl says:

    Ooh, I have the Central Park Starbucks mug, and I LOVE it! 🙂

    And something that saved me from crazy constant washing of pump parts – well, two things, actually, I kept the pump parts in the fridge for a couple of cycles, instead of washing after each pump. And I used the Medela steam bags for sterilizing in the microwave. I just had to occasionally hand-wash the little valve-y thing that was a pain.

  4. larmar says:

    try a mixture of apple juice and water warmed up a little in a bottle. even if she just takes a few sips here and there. that helps alex clear out the colon.
    and YES on keeping the parts in the fridge. that saved me from tossing the pump out the window on many occasions.
    formula is a curse and a blessing wrapped in one little can, is it not?

    oh by the way, almost done compiling my list of seven things. it’s taken me a long time to think of seven things to put on it!

  5. Twisted Cinderella says:

    I hope you get your supply up soon.

    I have to use iron free formula for Princess Maggie as the iron rich stuff does horrible things to her digestive system. But I did find that when she was at her worst, a little apple juice did the trick to clearing her out.

  6. Morgan S. says:

    Well, Hadley has not had a no-pooping problem during the formula and baby food. But as for clearing things out, HOLY COW. Last night I fed Hadley a little baby food prunes & applesauce and approximately 2 hours later we experienced the most enormous poop I HAVE EVER SEEN in my two+ years of mommy-hood. It was up over her shoulders and down to her toes. A total hose-down was necessary. Maybe a few teaspoons of baby food prunes will move things along? Hadley will NOT be having anymore for a while, thank you very much!

    And, oh, the wonder and drudgery of nursing & pumping. I applaud you!

  7. Nikki says:

    Hmmmm … the question is, which 2 have you seen? Wrist and arm probably? Also, ankle, lower back, and behind the ear. I know, I know … typical.

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