Anyone else?

Other people …

Double book two doctors appointments for the same time on the same day,

Then reschedule the baby's appointment during her only dependable naptime,

So you have to wake her up to GO GET SHOTS,

Lose track of time,

So you are not only late,

But you are also unshowered, wearing no makeup, and what you slept in last night.

Get to the car … the car seat base isn't hooked up.

And for extra fun, forget the stroller in the house.

Then realize that you forgot the immunization record.

And the Tylenol.   Did I mention THERE ARE SHOTS?

(There was no way I was getting out of there without being eyeball screwed by both the receptionist and nurse.  Because I was THAT parent.)

Forget all the questions you want to ask the doctor about feeding and instead spend the entire appointment bragging about how your baby can roll all the way over!! WOO!

Then get distracted by a text message and almost let your kid roll off the exam table …




(please don't report me. UGH.)


4 thoughts on “Anyone else?

  1. morgan s. says:

    Ay yay yay, what a day you had! Sydney looks perfectly content though.

    I took Hadley to her two month apt. whereupon she completely and totally blew up her diaper up to her shoulders and, not only did I not have a back-up outfit, I had no wipes! And this was before her appointment while we were in the exam room so she spent the rest of her apt. in a diaper only and left that way. Way to be a prepared mom, Morgan! I am VERY impressed that Syd holds her own bottle. Hadley is 9 months old and still can’t (won’t?) hold hers.

  2. Liz says:

    Sydney is getting SO BIG!

    I tend to take the first appointment time the Dr’s office offers and that’s usually during normal nap times because all the other (sane, with-it) moms request the normal waking times. I’ll learn. Someday. The new mantra of mothers…

  3. Lily says:

    chuckle. i’m not laughing at your expense. really. i’ll be checking your blog or rereading this post again before i go in for my crown and filling tuesday. and, yes, i can identify with the craziness of which you speak, dear friend.

  4. Elsha says:

    My friend was telling me the other day that when her second was a baby she was so sleep deprived that she drove into the doctor’s office. Literally drove into the side of the building with both little boys in the car. So I think you can add– walked into the office like a normal person– to your list of accomplishments for the day.

    Also, I love how she’s holding the bottle! When we were using drop-ins Kalena did the same thing. I just thought she was a weirdo, but I guess they’re easier to hang on to that way.

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