Losing weight (and other things too)

I lost two more pounds this week (somehow).  Which brings my grand total to TEN POUNDS.  Would you like to see what ten pounds looks like?


Dude, I was carrying THAT around plus a 17-pound baby. No wonder I had to take a 2-hour nap every day!!  My husband is holding the weight, by the way, because I picked it up and promptly dropped it on the floor about one centimeter from my right foot.  Do they make pills for that?

I was completely shocked that I lost anything at all this week, honestly, because I was SO incredibly BAD this weekend.  We went to Red Lobster on a hot date Saturday and I went absolutely nuts (I blame the cheese biscuits and PMS).  I thought the cheese biscuits were going to be the big culprit (4 points each, ouchie) but um, did you know that crab legs cost you three points … PER LEG?  I didn't know that until I got home to put in my points.  So, one million crab legs times three points equals = A LOT OF POINTS.  I more than doubled my daily quota and yet … didn't use up all my weekly points.  So today I finally re-took my personal points quiz and I now get 23 points per day.  It's more than I thought I would get, but it definitely seems more reasonable.  We are going to Texas this weekend for a wedding and I'm a bit nervous.  The main things we're looking forward to (other than seeing all our friends and introducing them to Sydney, that is) is EATING.  Our favorite sushi restaurant is there (HELLO tempura sushi rolls and gas station breakfast tacos!  HELLO BBQ!! I HAVE MISSED YOU!).  It's my first trip on a diet and you know how it is … things get a little crazy on vacation.  I've worked my tail off to lose this weight and I REALLY don't want it back (especially since I know I still have 25 pounds to go).  Any advice on how to survive travel and not get too off track is very welcome.

This week I lost my beloved calendar.  Can I tell you how much THAT sucks?  I've torn apart the house and the car and looked everywhere I can think of … it's just gone.  I'm not one of those people who has everything in their phone.  I keep thinking that this would be a good opportunity to start doing that but there's something about having my little book to scribble notes in and keep the schedule that is more appealing to me.  That is until I lost the fricking thing.  Meh.  This year has been a tough one in terms of misplacing my valuables.  Remember how I lost my car keys a few months ago?  This STUNK in so many ways, mostly because I didn't have an extra set of keys and my only key broke, which meant I had to pay a hundred bucks for a replacement.  Well, just last week I got a letter from my friendly neighborhood grocery store informing me that because of my shopping club card, they'd received my lost keys and would like to return them to me!  WOO HOO!  If you look closely some of them have fine print that say something along the lines of "If lost keys are found please return them to the nearest Ralph's store."  I have always wondered if this actually works and IT DOES!  I am so happy!  I don't actually have my keys back yet but that letter just totally made my day.  Someone found my keys and took the time to return them to Ralph's so I could get them back!  Thank you random person!  Because I live in LA I can't help but wonder if you tried to find my car or house first to take all my stuff, but never-the-less, you did the right thing you Good Samaritan, you.

I'm off to speed-eat breakfast, speed-shower and then take a (non-speed) beach stroll with my WW buddy.


5 thoughts on “Losing weight (and other things too)

  1. Lily says:

    Hey dear, I wish we could meet you in South Texas. Miss you loads. I am TOTALLY FLOORED by the ten pounds. I feel like I still have ten pounds on my belly and hips that will never come off. Happy ten months Victoria.

  2. bud says:

    LBS #1, I will miss you. We met you at a Tommy’s Burger during month four of pregnancy. The sun was just setting. Steam off the fries…the Los Angeles traffic screaming past….ah.

    LBS #2, you were too good to be true. Christian owned and meet never frozen, your cheesy secret saucy song slid over our in-n-out fries and transformed our idea of stomach bricks…forever. Bible verse printed on diet coke cups could not abate your wildness. Animal style indeed!

    LBS #3 and #4, you tricky twins, you entered our lives just down the street at our wonderful Taco Stand Viva Fresh…smart ones, you. Not your normal nachos…steak? with fresh avacado everywhere? And Cheese, cheese forever. Deep fried corn…Adios.

    LBS #5 and #6, you scared me – in a wonderful way. The kind of scared you get when, biting into a crunchwrap supreme, you for one brief moment forget that an intense and cruncy center is on its way – why? – because your warm flower tortilla and cheesy meat softness was warming our soul, only to be startled back to life with the satifying crunch of your hefty corn. I will miss your two handedness…

    LBS #7, you changed my television watching ways! We met you over Brie…baked in an oven, smothered in brown sugar, eaten on chips with a peppery flair. Lost will never be the same…

    LBS #8 and #9, you could not have looked better. Inching your way to gooshie softness, hot and caramelly, you chocolatey bread from the planet of alien monster fugde. O how we twohanded you and mashed your hotsoftness to our faces. Her face, my face. Undercooked joy!

    LBS #10, it’s a long way from Texas. Only along the romantic banks of the Rio Grande would we meet such as you – sushi deep fried and slathered in chipotle sauce. Mariachi annointed us with song at each bite. Eel sauch galore and five dollar rolls. How could you be so spicy and sweet and cruncy and fresh? We’ve been together for so long….happy trails, partner.

    I will miss you all. I love each one of you, every ounce.

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