Streams in the desert

This weekend we went back "home" to Texas for my dear friend Tiff's wedding(S — she had two!  One was an Indian ceremony on Friday night and then the next night a traditional church wedding).  It was an AMAZING weekend!  I was so happy to see my friend I pretty much tackled her when I saw her.


We stayed with the family of John's BFF Monte and they fed us, served us a million cups of coffee, lent us their car all weekend, watched our daughter all day on Saturday so I could get my hair cut (!!) and so we could like, go on a DATE to the festivities on Saturday, redid an entire room in their house so we'd have somewhere to sleep … they generally just loved on us in every way possible.  It was a tall, cold cup of water to some thirsty, thirsty people.  I was so delirious with happiness the entire weekend I didn't think to take my camera out of the bag except for Friday night.  Are Tiff and Shankar not a beautiful couple, though?  And would you like to see THE HAIR BOW?


I would also like to share that I bought (AND WORE!) a push-up bra in an appropriate size for my wedding outfits.  My husband was very pleased with the newfound post-pregnancy cleavage.  So, bra … CHECK!  I didn't have it fitted at Nordstrom's (T.J. Maxx, 8 bucks baby!) but it does the job, is comfortable, fits well, is a real piece of lingerie blah blah blah…

And … drumroll please … HAIRCUT.


I waited (in true Texas fashion … no rushing there, y'all) at my former hair "salon" (which so happens to be a Smart Style in Wal-Mart) for TWO AND A HALF HOURS for my dear purple-fingernailed stylist, Adrian.  He (yes HE has purple fingernails) was working over someone with LONG hair, and they didn't take appointments, so I caught up on my trashy magazines and text messages for a while.  An hour into the wait I wavered and thought I should bail but after you've waited an hour it seems like a waste to leave, huh?  So I twiddled my thumbs and figured that if it was ME in the chair I would NOT want my amazing stylist to rush through my hairstyle.  And rush he did not!  I FINALLY got the haircut that I wanted oh, six months ago.  It's still a little bit too layer-y for me, but at least when it grows out it won't look like a mullet (because I have childhood MULLET trauma … I'll dig up and scan a photo of that one of these days).  I'm thinking this is about as short as I can stand for my hair to be … I also have trauma from childhood BOYISH haircuts.  So, haircut … CHECK!

In Sydney news (that is long overdue) TEETH!  Or, more specifically, TOOTH!


She cut it weeks ago and has been gnawing on everything since!  I'm pretty sure its buddy right next door will make an appearance soon what with all the drooling and diaper rash*.

Also, we're on to stage two foods!  We were feeding her a veggie and a fruit at dinnertime every night but one night that suddenly didn't cut it and she ate THREE tubs of stage one food!  She's sitting well on her own now (even in the bathtub) so I got a few jars of fruits mixed with oatmeal and she LOVED it (Earth's Best peach banana oatmeal).  Now we have one jar at lunch (fruit/grain) and one jar at dinner (veggie … but NOT brown rice/lentils … she HATED that one!) followed by her usual bottles.  We will probably start adding a morning jar soon.  Sniff … she'll be seven months old on Saturday.  I can't believe how fast MAH BABY is growing!  She did amazing on the trip, by the way.  She was a perfect traveler – as in she spent the flight sleeping and giggling and smiling at other passengers EVEN THE ONES WHO WERE ASLEEP – and she slept SO WELL while we visited.  It is just so QUIET where we used to live (but I guess compared to Los Angeles, anywhere is quiet!!).

And now, the update you've been waiting for (ha ha!) … I lost one pound this week.  This puts me within one-half pound of my prepregnancy weight.  WOO!  I'm excited because I did not count points while we were in Texas and was totally sure that I'd lost nothing and even a little worried that I'd gained.  I didn't have my computer and it was taking forever for the mobile application to load on my phone so I just chucked it and tried to make good choices.  I splurged HUGE on sushi on Friday.  Holy AWESOMENESS was that amazing and totally worth it (if you've never had a tempura battered roll I FEEL SORRY FOR YOU).  We also had tacos, tacos, tacos … bbq, amazing Indian and Mexican food at the weddings, and of course, my favorite … airport food (just kidding, airport food SUCKS).  I drank a ton of diet soda and too much coffee.  It was GREAT!  Now that we're home I'm back on track and would like to make out with Weight Watchers because I don't feel like my life is ruined because I took the weekend off.

While we were visiting John preached at our old church on Sunday morning.  He did a great job … from what I can tell.  I spent the middle portion of his talk wrestling with Syd.  We also attended the church of a friend down there.  For whatever reason, I felt like I really needed to hear BOTH sermons that I heard that day (the topics of which were generally – and respectively – getting out of your comfort zone to do what God is calling you to do and asking God for help with a problem and then ignoring the help He sends).  It was like God was using John and Tom as a direct conduit to speak to me exactly where I am right now.  I have spent a lot of the time we've been living in California frustrated about EVERYTHING and it was like God knocked me over the head – in a Mom type of way – on Sunday and a light bulb went off.  I can't be more specific about it right now … I need more words and more time.  I will say that when we were on the way home I told John that I felt like "I could go back."  I know this all sounds very uh, unspecific, but it is noteworthy to me (THUS, I BLOG IT). 

So, yeah.  Awesome weekend!!  I'm so, so glad we stretched the budget beyond and just went for it.  SO worth it.

*Apparently some babies get diaper rash right before they cut a tooth.  I had never heard this before until my mom told me about it!  It's totally true!  Syd had never had diaper rash EVER until right before she cut the tooth.  She has diaper rash again right now (poor baby!  She gets so UPSET when we change her diaper.  Thank goodness for Desitin!) so we're expecting the little bugger any day now


4 thoughts on “Streams in the desert

  1. Courtney Adams says:

    You look absolutely beautiful (as always)!! Sounds like the weekend was excatly what you needed. Happy to hear that Sydney did so well on the plane. I am TERRIFIED of taking my 1 year old on a plane ride longer than an hour. He just doesn’t sleep during the day and wants to crawl / walk / visit with everything and everyone in his way!

  2. A'Dell says:

    LOVE your new hair! I think mine has finally stopped falling out so I’m shopping for a new cut. And I also have a wedding to go to on Saturday and I am SO EXCITED to put on big girl shoes and a real dress and maybe drink too much. YAY for weddings.

  3. Jenny says:

    Love your new haircut and Sydney’s hair bow. (Surprise, surprise – I love baby hair accessories.) Glad you had such a restorative weekend – emotionally and spiritually. Will be praying for you as you try to apply what you learned this weekend to your life.

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