Watch not, weigh not

Last week was tough.  Sydney's nap schedule totally went OUT THE WINDOW.  Which means?  The two hours I have grown accustomed to spending making and eating breakfast, working out, showering, tracking points, emailing (you know, everything required to keep Mama SANE) in the morning flew away in the wind without so much as a glance in my direction.  DANGIT.

The result?  Mama gained 1.5 pounds back this week and now shall totally and completely blame the baby.

People have theories about why Syd has suddenly thrown her nap schedule to the dogs.  Lizzie had an interesting post which resonated with me.  I liked it so much because frankly?  I'm sick of people telling me that she's teething.  BY GOD, people, SHE WILL BE TEETHING FOR THE NEXT TWO YEARS.  It's not the only thing that bugs babies.  I really did think she was thisclose to cutting a tooth last Friday but no dice.  It's not through.  Her crabby nap-strike can't be blamed on her mouth.  Let's move on, shall we?  I have some whining of my own to do.

Such as?  I did not work out one single time last week.  I ate out indiscriminately TWICE and barely tracked points.  I stayed up WAY too late every night.  Who knows if I drank water or took my vitamins? NOT ME!  And it all came back to bite me.  And it sucks.  Today I was all "I need to kick it up a notch!"  and decided to run 4 miles with my track team.  BAD IDEA.  I've had a headache since 1 p.m. (it is now 5:50 p.m.) and seriously thought I was going to pass out because I gave myself heat stroke or something several times this afternoon … is that worth the seven activity points?  Crap, crap, CRAP.  The worst part is that the week before last week I lost 2.5 pounds which brought my total to 13.5!!  And now I'm down to 12.  BOO.  I guess I'm back on the wagon … if my kid will ever nap again that is.

Off to nurse my headache while listening to the songs on my daughter's exersaucer OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN.


Sleep?  We don't need no freakin' sleep!!


2 thoughts on “Watch not, weigh not

  1. Liz says:

    Those exersaucer songs are a sure-fire headache cure! Also, don’t be so hard on yourself. There’ll be good weeks and hard weeks. You’ve lost 12 lbs and that’s AMAZING!

  2. Courtney Adams says:

    Don’t forget you are gaining muscle as well! Go by how your clothes are fitting! And some weeks are better than others…you have done great and will continue to do so!

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