Easter Blessings


Jesus said:
"I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." John 10:10

Today my life is very full.  I am so thankful for my daughter's life, for my husband, for this home we share and the silly dogs that populate it, for my family, for work to do that matters … so many things.  In the wake of so many sad losses this season (Nikki's Dad, Emily, Maddie, Thalon), I realize even more how truly blessed we are and how none of this is in my control.  More than ever I realize life is fragile, that our moments are gifts … all these words suck at expressing what I'm trying to express.  I'm so sad.  I am so grateful.  This year I celebrated Easter by feeling sorry for myself.  I am ashamed of that.  My cup is running over and puddling on the table and soaking the carpet and yet I complain.

My Jesus has conquered the grave.  So that I could experience life to the fullest.  Should I choose to.

I really need to choose to more often.  Because even though it's challenging and frustrating and irritating sometimes it's a precious thing that is over in the blink of an eye.  I believe in eternity.  I believe that Christ died and rose again so that I and others would have the opportunity to spend that time in STYLE.  With him.  And so I must dust myself off, pack up the diaper bag, and get to work.  Because as I sit and sulk my time is running out, my daughter is growing up, opportunities to love people as Jesus does (which is unconditionally, by the way) are flying by and I don't want to wake up in heaven one day with my to-do list undone. 

Ya know?


7 thoughts on “Easter Blessings

  1. Nora says:

    Miss Sydney looked fabulous in her Easter dress!

    Our minister yesterday said something that just hit me so hard… that when Jesus was dying and sacrificing himself, his mind and his heart was focused on me… and you… and each and every one of us. And yet, how often do we REALLY have Him at the center of our thoughts? Easter is a great time for relection, isn’t it!

  2. A'Dell says:

    Why does everyone else’s baby girl have all this luscious hair that you can put cute bows and clips in?? Claire barely has enough hair for me to make a faux-hawk in the bath, much less put a cute CLIP in.

    All this to say, SYDNEY IS SO CUTE!!! Love her Easter outfit.

    I’ve also been thinking about how time and the gifts of life flit by too quickly…Focusing on everyday moments is something I’ve been doing more lately.

  3. Caroline says:

    Well said Amanda!! And your daughter is gorgeous and she looks just like you. Now that I am post partem, I hear you about the weight. Except now I am older and already have done this once before. Keep counting and it will happen.

  4. Emily says:

    Finally, a picture of Sydney! And she looks EXACTLY LIKE YOU. Are you sure she even HAS a father? I can’t see that any DNA was donated by anyone other than you.

    You’re both adorable. Happy Easter! Doesn’t it mean so much more to you now that you know what it must have been like for God to sacrifice his son? Being a mother has it’s perks – one of them is getting to share a little bit more in understanding how wonderful and heartbreaking God’s gift of Jesus to us was for him.

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