Post-Easter Bunny meltdown

Let us now ALL repeat the mantra (provided by the lovely Kara): YOU ONLY LOSE WEIGHT WHEN YOU TRACK POINTS.

Ugh.  I lost .5 pounds this week.  Which still puts me a pound behind because last week?  Gained 1.5 pounds because I got lazy and over-confident. BOO. 

YES. 12.5 pounds is a lot!!  But you know what else is a lot?  Weighing 171 pounds when you're only 5'4".  There, I said it.  I JUST TOLD THE INTERNET HOW MUCH I WEIGH.  So when I say more than 20 pounds to go I FREAKING MEAN IT PEOPLE.  Go ahead, pat me on the back you ENABLERS.  Tell me that I had a 10 pound 7 ounce baby (NEARLY EIGHT MONTHS AGO).  Remind me that I topped out at 204 at the height of pregnancy and WOAH that was like 35 pounds ago!  Say again that being pregnant twice in the same year takes it's toll on the body and on your SOUL and all that ice cream was EARNED, biotch!  Say, hey, you ran like 6 miles this week!  With teenagers!  And you totally gave yourself heat stroke that one time so you NEEDED those three ice cream sandwiches!! Come on!  They were Skinny Cow so you're GOOD!  Because that's what I'm telling myself.  Because I AM MY OWN WORST ENABLER.

Fork over the candy, kiddo. Mama dressed and fed you today so obviously she's earned it. 

And thus, some notes to myself:

1. Teach husband to take a flattering picture of me FOR ONCE IN HIS LIFE.
2. Those arms are NOT all muscle, lady.
3. Shoveling mashed potatoes down your gullet like it's your job and then washing that down with cake and ice cream and CHEESE probably isn't going to help things.
4. Count your stupid points and stop whining because everyone is REALLY annoyed with you right now.


6 thoughts on “Post-Easter Bunny meltdown

  1. Liz says:

    GO, ManDA! You can DO it! Count those points! Count those points! (Say that kinda sing-song-y, and that’s me cheering you on!)

  2. anne nahm says:

    You can do it! I am almost five five myself, and the suck-ass thing about being small is that twenty pounds looks like a lot on a girl. The awesome thing about being small is that twenty pounds off a girl is not that hard to get off, but it makes a huge difference in the way we look.

    … Of course, I am sucking on a Werther’s candy right now as I’m steering the cheer boat in your direction. Guess maybe I should tell it to myself :^)

  3. Lily says:

    MANDA! I can see the frustration and anger steam coming through. Girl, I won’t be enabling you on your birthday, for sure. Food will take NO PART in my birthday present to you. You CAN do it, Manda, and you will. I confess a weakness of will lately. Definitely been snacking on the Easter M&M’s Troy’s mom sent to us.

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