Some catch-up for your Costco hot dog

I hope you meant it when you demanded that I blog, because WOAH HERE IT COMES!

Let's begin with a ginormous Syd update, shall we?


My daughter rode on a swing for the first time this Tuesday!  SHE LOVED IT!  We walked there with my friends Cheri Kay and Joy and their kids and it was a blast.
Wheeee! from Manda on Vimeo.

She also loves to WAVE HELLO (is this normal for an almost-8-month-old?  I've never seen a baby that little wave but maybe I wasn't looking?), she imitates the word "Hi" with a sound that sounds LIKE "hi," and makes a little "arf" sound – then giggles – when she sees the dogs.  And then there's "Dada!"  She calls everyone "Dada!"  But I should say for the record that she especially calls her daddy "Dada!"  It's so cute.  Sometimes she's feeling silly and it's all "Daaadaaaadaaadaaadaaaaaa!"  Her repetoire also includes "Buh!" and "GA GA GA GA!" 

We are totally going to try Cheerios or those little Gerber melting stars soon (she's still got just one tooth but the girl is a gumming champ).  She's not too keen on a sippy cup yet but she does enjoy some meat-flavored baby food mixed in with her veggies.  She has some variation of that yummy (GAG) smelling concoction for dinner every night and oatmeal with fruit for lunch with lots of bottles in between.  We've tried breakfast a few times but so far she's just spit a lot of it up so we're holding off a little longer on that.

IMG_0175 (32)

G & G Hud got her a big pink bunny that sings and dances for Easter and she loves that thing so much we've ALREADY run the battery down (gotta find the screwdriver so we can change them out).  She bounce-dances along to the music and I totally get that dumb song stuck in my head ALL THE TIME.  We end up singing it in the car and during diaper changes, and sometimes bunny has to join her in the the bouncer … as if THAT doesn't already offer enough stimulation.


She's thisclose to crawling … like SO CLOSE that John was filming her with his phone yesterday while I was scurrying about trying to get ready to leave for a track meet and he started taunting me that she'd crawled a step and I wanted to CRY.  Also since she's been, uh, experimenting with going to bed late this week (UGH) I had her in the pack-n-play in our room so she could wear herself out while I rotted my brain on the internet and I look over and she's on all fours SCOOTING THE ENTIRE PACK-N-PLAY and LAUGHING.  I thought I was taping it on my camera but in my fog I forgot to push a button and AGAIN, wanted to cry because IT WAS SO CUTE!  In other gravity-defying moves she can pull herself up on her knees and sit up in her car seat and bouncer at will. Like so:

Thank goodness for safety restraints!!


What is this compulsion to get EVERYTHING on video, by the way?  If I miss something I'm devastated.  If my camera battery isn't charged I get so angry that I cuss and could THROW THINGS.  Either I'm turning into the Incredible Hulk (it runs in the family, you know) or this is some kind of parental tick.

And thus follows the rest of my week:

Exibit A: Are you not jealous that my job involves a lot of THIS?:

IMG_0207 (62)

And just in case you thought your eyes deceived you, YES, I ALLOW KIDS TO BE DUCT-TAPED TO THE DOOR AND RECEIVE A PAYCHECK IN RETURN.

IMG_0199 (54)

Exihibit B: I redid our bedroom because it was so dark in there that it was starting to resemble a cave.  John was struggling to wake up at 5 a.m. after three hours of sleep (Um, DUH, and that's a story for another day).  Can I just reiterate that I LOVE IKEA?!  I do, in all its cheap glory.  I got the lamps and bedspread AND shams for around $80.  I stole the pictures above the bed from the dining room and dug the curtains out of the linen closet.  Sure I had to spend 2 hours ironing the stupid things but hey, at least our bedroom doesn't inspire suicide anymore!  Whee!!  I don't have a before photo so imagine dark red curtains, a gold comforter and pillows with red and green flowers … DARK (and from reading my own description, the bedroom of a 90-year-old maiden aunt).  I've wondered about the lunacy of WHITE bedding + baby + Man Dirt, but oh well, it's washable.  Also, yes, that is my desk and the pack-n-play over there on the left a.k.a. Mama's Office.


Exhibit C: I HURT MAH TOE.  and also need a pedicure.


Exhibit D: When I got bored I let a four-year-old drive John's truck:

IMG_0224 IMG_0228

Actually, this is trip #2 to IKEA (I also went to Costco twice this week, THE LUNACY) to get my friend Cheri Kay's kids Jaryse (above) and Ecrissa their cool new bunk bed!  This family has an amazing story, by the way, that you should check out here.  I took these pictures when trying to keep them entertained while Cheri Kay did something inside … you know, because there wasn't a television in the parking lot (I AM THE WORST BABYSITTER EVER).

And, a response:  I need to clarify that I do not mind strangers following me on my blog/Twitter!!!  I just hate spammers and I wonder what to do when I get followed by "The Skinny Cow" or some random dude who is "Adam Lambert's #1 Fan" because I Twittered about one of those things recently.  Ya know?  It's odd. And to set the record straight I follow TONS of people I don't know in real life (IRL).  I've also stalked those people to the point where a few of them?  ARE NOW MY FRIENDS.  So please:  READ AWAY AND MAKE THYSELF KNOWN DEAR STRANGERS.  I heart you.


6 thoughts on “Some catch-up for your Costco hot dog

  1. Liz says:

    YAY! Sydney is SO big! I’m just now starting to dig my head out of my rear and offer Lu two solid meals a day. Sometimes we’re so on-the-go I forget to feed her one. And she does love it. Apart from your owie toe, it’s nice to hear things are going so well!

  2. Elsha says:

    Sydney is just adorable! I love the sitting up in the bouncer seat picture. We stopped using ours when Kalena started doing that all the time. About the waving, I don’t know exactly when it started, but I know she was doing it all the time by 9 months.

  3. Katie says:

    So happy that you’re back. Sid is so cute! Alice is 8 mos and flaps her arms in excitement but no waving yet…and I wish she’d say arf to the dogs–that sounds so adorable!

    How’s the point-counting? I think I ate 60 points today, but I’m in denial so not tallying…. Let’s just say there was a lot of dessert.

  4. Kathy V says:

    I cannot believe how big she is getting. She is super cute too! I have checked in a few times recently but haven’t left any comments. Manda she is beautiful.

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