Next week’s grocery money = Wii Fit

The birthday meltdown of 2009 ended peacefully at Chez Inside Dog.  On Thursday we picked up my less-fancy-yet-still-fancy bike at the bike shop and brought it home to reside in our garage.  We saved a couple hundred dollars, it's green (my favorite color!) and it is still nicer than any bike you'll find at Target by a long shot … everyone's happy! 

With the extra money we marched our American-consumer selves over to Costco and got a Wii.  Of course we first stopped at Tommy's for hamburgers and chili cheese fries which cost me ALL THE POINTS I EVER GET FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE and so you can expect the "Wah, wah I gained 10 pounds pounds this week how did THAT happen?!" post SOON. And then there was the Very Berry Sundae which I totally rationalized by "splitting" it with John and by "splitting" it I mean that I ate nearly ALL the berries off the top and then the poor man had to wrestle it out of my death grip to get any.

So last night after Syd went to sleep we busted out the Wii and proceeded to whoop each other's asses in various virtual sports and had SO MUCH FUN!  Wheee for Wii!  I am the household bowling champ and John enjoyed knocking me out THREE TIMES in boxing (I can't say I can blame him after all the hormonal WEEPING I did over here this week).  Tennis, though?  We really suck at that.  I'm pretty sure that between that game and baseball we should probably go ahead babyproof everything above waist level in the house while we're doing everything at Sydney's level. I already nearly knocked over a t.v. tray with a drink on it last night.  OY.

As a side note, one day I can imagine our kids wondering what we're doing after they go to bed -and getting grossed out imagining what the sounds coming from our bedroom mean – only to discover later in life that whole time we were playing Wii.  HA.

In other news … tomorrow I weigh in and right now I have -6 weekly points.  OOPS.  Last week I lost FOUR pounds and Weight Watchers told me to slow down the weight loss so I decided that I needed sushi twice this week, chili fries and a hamburger, and a HUGE BLT with FIVE slices of bacon (among many other things).  I'm a bit scared to find out what this means, especially since I've lost 18 pounds all together.  That's like, an entire 8-month-old.  And no offense to 8-month-olds but I'd like to lose ANOTHER one a-those.

But not this one:


Who by the way now has a second tooth there on the bottom, but hates Cheerios and melting stars (so far) because chewing?  That's for suckers.


6 thoughts on “Next week’s grocery money = Wii Fit

  1. Elsha says:

    Yesterday my husband and I somehow rationalized spending our afternoon playing mario kart wii instead of cleaning even though my parents are coming from out of state on Wednesday and the house is a disaster. It’s too fun for my own good!

    Also, I didn’t count points at ALL last week and ate bagels with cream cheese a bunch of times and still managed to be down .4 lbs for weigh in this morning. NO IDEA how that happened. (See also: sat on my butt playing wii instead of getting activity points cleaning.)

  2. Raven says:


    I am so excited for Wii Yoga as a full title and I really want EA Active because it has some stretchy stuff that attaches to your nunchuck and Wii-mote and works your arms more.

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