Really, I shouldn’t leave the house.

I'm not really sure what to say lately.  Because life right now?  It's not my favorite.

So let's talk about eye makeup, shall we?

Today I was sitting on a bench at the track when OOPS!  All the sudden the sprinklers accidentally turned on and I got NAILED in the face with a stream of water not unlike a firehose (did I mention life's not my favorite right now?).  The fact that I had a mouthful of spicy chicken wrap was NOT helpful at that point in time.  As I was choking on swampwater and chicken – and demanding that my track team give me hugs or do push-ups because THEY had a nice long laugh at my expense – I realized that the one nice thing about this whole crapfest is that my eye makeup was still in place.  BONUS! I'm soaked straight through the bra but hey, there's a silver lining!

First off, I rarely leave the house without eye makeup anymore.  My eyebrows are pretty much non-existent thanks to the constant sunshine where I live and the whole post-partum hair loss thing, so I must at the very least powder my brows every day.  To avoid being asked if I'm sick nineteen times a day, I also go ahead and put on black waterproof mascara and smudgeproof eyeliner (both by Almay).  Usually when I put on eyeliner I just smear it all over my top lids and then correct with 19 Q-tips that I've first wet with saliva.  Yum, no?  I skip eyeshadow all together because it usually just settles in the creases of my eyes and ends up smeared all over my face unless I use a very light-colored glittery gold one that I keep for special occasions (such as the Escape to Sacramento!! WOO-FRICKIN-HOO for the Costco version of BlogHer!!).

A while back I watched this video over at Girl's Gone Child (I think Rebecca is quite fascinating, don't you?) in the middle of the night and was all like "SHA-ZAM!  This is what I've been looking for!!"  If you end up watching it, pay close attention to the whole "Cleopatra eyeliner" section … I was totally guilty of this until I learned the trick about putting the eyeliner (I use a crayon eye pencil and she uses liquid) on the "wet" part of your eye.  Now I do this almost every day and I look way less makeup-y and yet still awake.  Even when I get nailed in the face with a sprinkler.

And that was my story for today.

p.s. Wanna see the coolest t-shirt EVER?



4 thoughts on “Really, I shouldn’t leave the house.

  1. She Likes Purple says:

    This is my first time over here but can we stop for a moment and admire your GORGEOUS child?! MY GOD! That makes me want to have another and I JUST HAD MINE! (Also, where’s the t-shirt from?)

    Was that spicy chicken wrap from Wendy’s because I LOVE THOSE!

    We can eat them in Cali together 🙂

  2. Lauren says:

    Total lurker here but MUST comment on Sydney…holy crap she is beautiful! I can’t believe how light her hair is getting. Also SWEET shirt…she’s much cooler than I am and she isn’t even 1.

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