Calling all computer nerds

It's time.  I can't hold off asking you anymore.  I need your help!  This could mean LIFE OR DEATH (of this blog anyway)! 

Ok, that was a little overdramatic.  It's not really life or death but it feels like this HUGE decision I need to make and I need FACTS … but I will also settle for OPINIONS. 

A little over a month ago my new HP laptop computer contracted a virus and DIED.  Like wouldn't start up.  Like went kaput and gave me the middle finger.  So like a good kid I called my manufacturer for help, who then told me to press the F8 key one billion times and when that didn't work?  Instructed me to find a screwdriver and proceeded to tell me that I was now going to REMOVE MY HARD DRIVE.  At this point in time you need to imagine a Cathy cartoon with her hair sticking out and an "AACK!" above her head because YEAH, like it's a good idea to instruct ME to remove a computer's hard drive when I drop my hair dryer on my foot like EVERY DAY.

Yeah, so, the computer is dead.  HP is currently ripping out what's left of the old hard drive and putting a new one in there and I'm sure they will have a party over there because "YAY!  A BRAND NEW COMPUTER HAS JUST BEEN BORN!!  It's a girl.  Let's call her Martha."  But how does that help me?  All my documents and music and photos went BUH-BYE.  AGAIN. 

And so I find myself at a crossroads.  Is it time for me to finally convert to Mac?  I can only afford this one (the white one).  I hate, hate, hate Windows Vista … so I never really liked my new computer ANYWAY.  And I really TRIED to like it, what with it's HD screen and HDMI thingie and its 6 hour battery life.  So do I wait for Windows 7 to come out this fall (the Nerd Kings associated with Maggie say it's the best thing since chocolate milkshakes.  And yes, they already have copies of it.  But me?  Since I'm cool?  I have to wait months like the rest of the world.  SIGH), or do I just say screw it and learn MacOS since I have to learn a new operating system any way you slice it.  Unless I continue to bang away on my old computer (with lovely, lovely Windows XP), that also has a short somewhere in the power cord and a loose space bar.  AACK is right, my friends.

AACK!  Frustration squiggle!  Frustration squiggle!!

So do I get a Mac? Can a PC-user figure out MacOS without having to take a class? Will I eventually throw the thing out the window and go back to the drawing board?  Is it SLOW?  I HATE SLOW COMPUTERS.  I love my iPhone … is that enough?  WAAAAAAH


11 thoughts on “Calling all computer nerds

  1. Nikki says:

    I have gotten used to Vista … I’m a PC person though. I considered Macs but didn’t make the switch. I had the SAME PROBLEM with my HP laptop though! I called and they had me take out the HD on the phone and eventually I had to ship it to them and they sent me back a new one, but I lost everything. Sucks!

  2. Elsha says:

    My husband switched from PC to a Mac with no problems, but he’s a computer nerd so I’m sure that helps. From the few times I’ve used it MacOS seems pretty intuitive. Plus you can run a program that lets you run windows simultaneously with OSX. If you’re into that kind of thing.

  3. maggie says:

    Phillip says: Windows 7 has the same look and feel of Vista, the difference is things actually work. So if you didn’t like the look and feel, you won’t like Windows 7. It’s supposed to come out for back-to-school time. But if you buy a computer with Vista they’ll give you a coupon for Windows 7 (maybe not yet, but soon). Mac laptops are really good. They might be a little more expensive, but I think they’re easy to use. Macs don’t get viruses not because they’re a better computer but because people don’t care. There aren’t enough Macs for virus writers to bother, but eventually that will change. (PHILLIP IS SAYING THIS NOT ME!) That Mac would be great, you can totally figure it out. I just wouldn’t say it’s any safer or less prone to crashing. (AGAIN, THAT’S MY HUSBAND TALKING, DON’T FLAME ME MAC DEVOTEES!)

    (and this is me talking…) we have a PC and a Mac and I love them both. But the Mac? Much prettier than my Dell.

  4. Morgan S. says:

    I have a Mac laptop, the cheapest white one, and hellllloooooo, love it. Caveat…It did die on me once and I lost about a month’s worth of my preshuss baybee photos. But that was my fault for filling the memory up to the very tippy top brim with umpteen bajillion videos of Brooke drooling. It cost $80 to replace the memory card. Anyhoo, I am now a religious back-er upper and things are all good in the hood.

    Please note: I am “fairly” techy (NOT like Maggie’s Phillip, but pretty good). Much more so than my husband. He gets very frustrated when he tries to do anything more than surf the web on the Mac. (Like view questionable .mpeg-based videos emailed from his buddies.) Big baby. But, since 99.9% of what I use my computer for is downloading baby photos, blogging and working on my Farm on Facebook, so I have no problems. We have wireless internet in our house and the web browsing speed is fassssssst.

    I use a PC all day at work (where they will have to pry Windows XP from my cold, dead hands, by the way – “Back, IT-Guy and your so-called “updates”, BACK I SAY!”). I move back and forth between the two just fine.

    By the way – LOOOOOVE all the latest Sydney photos!

  5. Lily says:

    I am NOT a Mac user, and I don’t know that I’ll be converting any time in this lifetime. My laptop is an Acer, but our desktop is an HP. Love my XP. Mac is allegedly designed to be user friendly, and from what I remember, it is pretty easy to use.

  6. A'Dell says:

    I folded and got a Mac this spring and I LOVE IT. For my computer tasks, it is perfect – internet and managing the trillions of digital media files we seem to have accrued since Claire was born.

    Handles big video files like a dream, love the native software that helps me handle my pictures and videos – way better than anything I found to BUY for a PC. (And trust me, I looked for a long time.)

    Took me a week or two to figure it out, and I still don’t know all the tricks, but I love this shiny computer.

  7. Jenny says:

    I cannot believe Johnny even “lets” you have a PC. Of course go w/the Mac if you can afford it. Way less viruses to mess it up, so cute, and works so well – esp with graphics, photos, etc. It takes a BIT of time to get used to compared to a PC, but it’s really easier and more straightforward than a PC. So yep – my vote is for the Mac.

  8. Arwen says:

    I switched to Mac two-and-a-half years ago and I am NEVER going back. The Mac OS is super-intuitive and does not crash. I’ve learned a ton of the key commands and can help you out if you decide to go the Mac way. I love my little white laptop so much!

  9. s says:

    Everything you hate about Vista can be turned off and it will be almost the same as XP. There are a few things that can’t be changed but since you’re not a huge techy person it won’t matter.

    DOn’t waste your money on a Mac, they die just as often, if not more often (in my experience).

    Also, you still have the option to downgrade from Vista to XP.

  10. Raven says:

    When I met my husband, I was a PC. Yesterday my son actually asked me if I was a PC or a Mac (he seriously did, this is so weird) and I can now say with complete certainty-I am a Mac. It was a bumpy transition but I will never go back.

    Looking forward to meeting you in September!

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