On the seven quick takes bandwagon

So, a lot of the blogs I read do this thing on Friday called 7 Quick Takes Friday (I've done a little investigating and find that this trendy bloggy thing hearkens back to a blog called Conversion Diary).  I read about three of these today and finally just jumped on the friggin' bandwagon.  Why?  Because all the things I want to Twitter about are longer than one sentence (but not longer than a paragraph).

Our track team = L.A. Western League CHAMPIONS!!  WOO HOO!  The link I included is to our stats for the meet from last week, which probably means nothing to anyone but me and a few others, but I DON'T CARE!!  This is totally going on my resumé.  Yesterday we had several kids qualify for the city finals which is next Thursday, and if any of them make the cut … WE ARE GOING TO STATE!!  YEAH!!!!

Can you tell I like to win?

2. I just had to FINALLY learn the command for putting an accent over a letter in Microsoft Word so I could correctly write "resumé."  I had to cut and paste it from Word.  Would you like to learn how too?  Click here.

As of late I've kinda gotten into this show called Southland.  It's on after 30 Rock so in a zone-out one night I just kept watching television and I was pleasantly surprised.  I was interested in the premise of the show because it's set in the city where I live, one of the actors on the show (Regina King) went to the high school where I coach, and is filmed on location in the neighborhoods where many of my kids live.  One of the characters on the show has a wife who BLOGS.  Her blog is about being married to a detective and apparently she has this whole network of cop wives that she's in contact with (sound familiar? ha ha!).  On the show at one point the wife asks her husband a snarky question – from what I can tell they don't have a great relationship – and he replies "Why do you want to know that, so you can BLOG about it?!"  Um, THAT sounded eerily similar to some of the conversations that have gone down in Chez Inside Dog lately.  Whoops.

It looks like at long last my mom has sold her house!!  I can't believe how long it's been on the market (seems like it's been on and off for YEARS).  Pending the inspection, it'll finally be off her hands June 30 and she'll be migrating west (she lives near Chicago now, but plans to move to the Denver area to be near my sister and of course, a LOT nearer to her grandchild … the flight from Denver is a short 2 hours and cheap!!).  YAY, yay, YAY!!!

As of yesterday, my daughter is forward-mobile (from what I hear, for I WAS GONE YESTERDAY, waaaaahhh!!).  She did a repeat performance of her army-crawl this morning for me and WEEEP!!  My baby is growing up.  More on that stuff soon.

Recently my sister-in-law's husband asked if he'd "made the blog" after spending a hundred bucks on sushi for me.  TO MY SHAME, he (nor the popcorn lobster roll) made the blog that week. MY BAD.  Can we hear three (LATE) cheers for Uncle Jono??

We are in the market for one of those baby seats that clips to the table.

I'm into this one so far (also?  For the record?  I'm in LOVE with Chicco products.  We have the car seat, stroller, play yard, and high chair and they all are FANTASTIC).  Any recommendations?

(It took me three hours to get around to finishing this post. STORY OF MY LIFE.)


3 thoughts on “On the seven quick takes bandwagon

  1. larmar says:

    we have one of those chairs, but we have the deluxe travel one that breaks all the way down and fits in this little travel bag. WELL WORTH THE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!! we love it, and are planning on having Alex use that instead of the highchair sometime soon. it’s so easy to travel with, and if anyone watches her, we can bring that instead of the highchair. SO HANDY!

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