In which I sew you a digital crazy quilt

A 4-year-old got fresh with me on Friday.  The conversation played out like this:


Me:  ("Giggle giggle!" Thought bubble: "I haven't gotten this much action in a looong time!  Ha ha!  I'm so witty!  I should blog that!")

Him: Smmmooooooooooooch!!!

Me: (5 minutes later … kid still stuck to my cheek) "Dude, you'd better watch it, I'm a married woman!"

Him: (without removing lips from my face) "You're getting married RIGHT NOW!"

Me (and everyone else in my vicinity): (Tears streaming down our faces because we're laughing so hard)

Moral of the story: I'VE STILL GOT IT.

There's been some talk of karaoke in my future.  I would like to share that I'm now rehearsing the following act (and sewing a gold unitard with shoulder pads in preparation):

And yes, I AM scrapbooking EVERYTHING we do (on this blog of course).

This week my diet consisted mainly of leftovers from the vending machine we keep in the Young Life room … school's out and I can't let all that stuff just SIT THERE all summer!  It would be IRRESPONSIBLE.  Since John and I donated all the candy in the first place I figured it would be all right for me to bring it home.  At first my plan was to give it away.  But then I made the mistake of putting the bag of junk food (Milano cookies, gummi bears, M&MS, etc etc etc) in the kitchen near my desk.  Syd and I hang out there A LOT and well, you guessed it: I've been eating Milano cookies at every opportunity.  Tired?  Have a cookie!  Watching Dexter?  Have a bag of gummi bears!  Did you eat all your dinner?  M&Ms AND cookies are in order!!  YAAAAAY!

What's funny about this?  I still lost a pound this week. I have no idea how that happened but I will say once again that I LOVE WEIGHT WATCHERS.  I have a bad feeling that all the crap I ate this past week will somehow catch up with me next week.  Which would suck because I've now lost 25.5 pounds (and my baby?  Weighs somewhere in the neighborhood of 23 pounds.  When I stand on the scale holding her we weigh – together – about what I weighed when I began WW 16 weeks ago. And this week?  I did it by sucking down cookies and M&Ms.  GO ME!). 

I put this on my daughter's head yesterday and she didn't immediately rip it off.  SQUEE!

Flower power

Happy Monday.  (As a present I'll save the kvetching about Syd's new college-student sleep schedule for another day.)


4 thoughts on “In which I sew you a digital crazy quilt

  1. Creepy Mommy says:

    I LOVE the flower on Syd’s head! Squee indeed. Harper’s now at the point were, after eight months of wearing teh bow-bows on her dome she is, in fact, ripping those suckers right off. No more, she yells. Makes me so, so sad.

    You rock that weight loss!

    Isn’t it nice to get hit on by a kid? It really is, cause there just so honest. they like who they like, plain and simple.

  2. Nikki says:

    “You’re getting married RIGHT NOW” ahahahahaha that’s the best! Today a 5 year old cried and told me he loved me. It was cute and sad.

    Your daughter is beautiful. Good choice on the adorable flower! I can’t wait to see yall again! One day!

  3. SUPAHMAMA! says:

    oh my gosh. here i thought that woman was a made up “yo gabba gabba” person… guess i thought wrong. i should have known better seeing as d.j. lance rock was a real d.j. if your gold leotard comes out awesome i’m gonna need one in size “fat.”

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