Quick Takes: Ultimate Frustration Edition

So, Friday is Seven Quick Takes day, right?  Let me tell you about how Friday went down (in 7 Quick Takes, that is) for me and then you'll understand why I couldn't get around to this until today:

1. Got up early to head to my school district's employment office.  Because?  For some reason the people who are in charge of such things didn't realize that for me to become a school employee (which I thought happened MONTHS ago), that I would have to put in an entirely different application than the volunteer application that I initially put in (that was Dec. 2007).  Which means?  That I might not get paid for working last spring.  I wouldn't mind this so much if we weren't so BROKE.

I arrived at the employment office and was immediately told that I could not even START the application process until the names on my driver's license and my Social Security card matched EXACTLY. And what counts as NOT matching exactly you say?  Do I still have my maiden name on my Social Security card or some wacked-out weirdness?  NO.  "Not matching" means that my middle name does NOT appear on my Social Security card but DOES appear on my driver's license.  I am politely told that if I do not march myself down to the Social Security office AND HAVE MY CARD CHANGED that there will be no paychecks for me!  Hooray! I must also get ANOTHER TB skin test because the only ones they'll accept are ones that are less than 60 days old!

2.  From the parking lot of the employment office I make an appointment with my doctor to get the TB test at 1:00 that very day.  After spending 30 minutes on the phone with Social Security, I get myself home to pick up my birth certificate.  We have a fireproof box where we keep our important documents, and when I'm flipping through it, I realize that my passport is missing.  The last time I saw my passport was when I got my driver's license (while nine months pregnant  … oh lord it could be ANYWHERE).  I tear through the contents of my desk – which are currently in a laundry basket in the floor of my bedroom – and all my drawers and all the usual places for such a thing and it is just GONE.  THIS ANNOYS ME TO NO END.

3. I get back into the car and find my way to the Social Security office, get oogled by the security guard (EW) who tells me that it's about a 45 minute wait and take a number (the numbering system estimates it will be a 90 minute wait) and sit down to fill out my form for a new Social Security card.  When I'm done with that – it takes about 90 seconds – I of course turn to my "crack" (iPhone) and try to send a few text messages, which for some reason won't go through.  It's 12:15.  I think that there's just no reception in the building.  I wait another 20 minutes.  I know I need to get to my doctor's appointment and then get home to take over for John who's been watching Syd since 9:30 that morning. I finally step outside to try to get my phone to work.  I'd like to just stick it out at the SS office and I want to make sure it's ok with John and also I want to reschedule my doctor's appointment.  I dial John and I get this lovely message "Your phone has been disconnected.  Please contact your service provider.  Thank you.  Have a nice day." AWESOME. 

4.  Back to the car with me!  I give up my spot in line at the SS office and high-tail back toward the doctor's office.  I figure I can just run into the doctor's office real quick and get my skin test (you get a skin puncture one day and have to come back a few days later to have the results read) and then head home to figure out what's going on with the phone.  I'd like to get at least SOMETHING accomplished.  I get to my doctor's office at 12:55.  There is a sign on the door:  "Back at 1:30."  When I saw that I think I heard an echo in the hallway of me yelling, "YOU MUST BE SHITTING ME!"  Classy.

5.  By the time I get home I'm FUMING.  Luckily there's a huge box on the porch that I KNOW is my replacement glider base!  YAY!  "We rock the baby to sleep in style tonight!"  I think.  I get inside and throw down my purse and keys and declare "THAT WAS THREE HOURS OF MY LIFE I WILL NEVER GET BACK!  MY PHONE'S NOT WORKING!  AT LEAST THE GLIDER BASE IS HERE!"  John stands in the kitchen with his hands out like a hostage negotiator.  No one should make any sudden movements when Manda talks in CAPS LOCK.  He knows that he must say exactly the right thing or risk an explosion that will take us all out.  Very calmly he explains that the phone thing was an error (we do in fact pay our bills, which makes it even more awesome that they accidentally cancel our phone service RIGHT WHEN WE NEED IT) and they're already back on and everything's going to be fine.  I shout "I KNOW!  I'M JUST SO FRUSTRATED RIGHT NOW!" and grab a pair of scissors and head out to the porch to open the box that will SAVE THE DAY!

6.  It's the wrong glider base.

*my head explodes*

I force it on the glider ANYWAY and MAKE IT WORK.  Even though it's not an exact fit and it's totally a different color at least it's better than the office chair which is giving me a hernia.  Then I sit down to write Shermag and VERY COLORFUL email demanding that they fix it or replace my glider and ottoman set AND ALSO make me cupcakes or we WON'T BE FRIENDS ANYMORE EVER AGAIN.

7.  The rest of the day went by in a blur but I do rememeber that I ate Taco Bell and had to take a nap when Sydney finally went down for hers.  Other highlights include cleaning dog pee off the diaper pail in the baby's room (thanks Juicy!  Needed that!) and rifling through the cabinets for chocolate and finding nary a chocolate chip.

Because days like yesterday? Are why baked goods were invented in the first place.

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10 thoughts on “Quick Takes: Ultimate Frustration Edition

  1. Lizzie says:

    Wow. Sucky. Hopefully today is better? And also, I hope Shermag eats that glider base. They should send someone to your home to rock your child to sleep every night. That’s really the only thing I can think that would make that better.

  2. Nora says:

    That is a sucktacular day… but the story seriously made me giggle… Why WHY on earth does it always come like that–ALL AT ONCE! I can handle one or two crazy things a day, but not 10.

  3. Morgan S. says:


    Oh, man, Manda, that is really the WORST day…and it should have been a little, tiny bit relaxing!!! No baby to wrangle!! But, alas, it most certainly was not.

    Today, while in my driveway in the blasting down heat as I wrestled with Hadley in one arm, kept an eye on a wandering towards the street Brooke and attempted for a good 30 seconds to wrestle a bag of groceries out from the under basket of our BOB stroller with the other hand (it was stuck), I actually yelled “Why can’t it ever just be EASY!!!!!!!!!!”

  4. Chrystal says:

    When it rains, it might as well pour, right!?? Sorry bout your crappy day…hope Monday’s better…lol..funny right?? MOnday…better….get it… sigh.

  5. Raven says:

    Dude, that is a suck ass day!

    I think it’s because you had to go to the Social Security office, that place is like a hex and a half.

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