The ten-month mark (a week late)

I am so, so proud of this strawberry-loving girl right here.



Because on Tuesday she cut a surprise tooth (bottom #3).  I say "surprise" because we've been watching with baited breath as her top front tooth bulged in her gums FOR WEEKS threatening to break through at any moment (and totally screwing with us all in the process).

And then on Wednesday she cut TWO MORE (top #3 & 4).

And aside from only taking a thirty minute nap on Wednesday – who could blame her? Mama had no idea what was going on and gave her NO Tylenol or teething tablets ALL DAY – she was a perfect angel.  She's gone to bed by 7 every night this week since Sunday (HALLELUJAH!) and around noon every day she goes down for a 2-3 hour afternoon nap.  I know I'm probably jinxing the whole thing by putting it in print but I just HAD to brag on my awesome kid.  Who now has 7 teeth!!

Also we are going out of town as a family Sun-Thursday so IT WAS FUN WHILE IT LASTED (as we know, vacations screw with our little ones.  BOO).

More fun Sydney updates:

Says: Dada, Mama, Bubba, Hat!, dog!, NaNa, FAFA!, BABA! and understands and obeys the commands "Give me five!" (slaps your hand) and "Gimme a kiss!" (leans in with open mouth) and "Want a bite?" (opens mouth if the answer is yes, ha ha).  

She knows "Do you want a bottle?" and nearly gives herself whiplash turning around to see if you have it when you utter the words.  She also very coyly and flirtatiously waves "Hello" when asked to "Say hi" and plays a mean game of peek-a-boo.  Also understands (but expressly refuses to obey) the commands "NO!" and "Be nice!" (humph).  Another fun game we play is sticking out our tongues at one another and then doing a full inspection of mama's tongue, teeth, and lips.  We might have a future dental hygienist on our hands … she is NOT gentle.

She crawls like LIGHTNING, pulls up and cruises furniture, and can stand flat-footed without holding on to anything for a 20-count.  She often puts a foot down on the floor next to her knee as if she's about to stand straight up.  Which is lovely at bath time (NOT). How do we teach the wee ones that standing up in the bathtub is NOT SAFE?! She's also clapping her hands which is just DELIGHTFUL (!!) and she also bops and dances to music (her current favorite is RUN-DMC, her father would like me to share … no one wears a band t-shirt in this house unless they actually LIKE the band!  I also secretly sing her "Sweet Home Alabama" when he's not home and she stinkin' LOVES that song!).

Syd also has decided that baby food is for BABIES and straight up SLAPS anything that closely resembles baby food OUT YOUR HAND, fool. Then she yells "I PITY THE FOOL WHO TRIES TO FEED ME OFF A SPOON!"  If it's on a spoon and is not yogurt (she is in LOVE with YoBaby) things such as mashed avocado or refried beans are doomed to the floor unless I can get a little in her mouth so she realizes what it is.  After that? NOM NOM NOM refried beans!!!!!!!!  Syd also likes to SHARE her food.  I can't count how many soggy Cheerios, soggy cereal puffs, and soggy Goldfish crackers I've eaten in the last week (the dogs aren't complaining either … it seems our daughter has started a charity organization to feed fat dogs. Ohboy).

She's totally bored with all her toys and so I had to empty out my kitchen cabinets to keep her entertained for more than 1.43 seconds.  Now she spends most of the morning bopping around on the carpet with my whisk looking very much like the Swedish Chef (and sounding a lot like him too now that I think about it what with all the "FAFAFABABABABAS!' she is singing all the time these days! Heh!).  


I guess that's just how you roll when you're 10 months and a week old!


11 thoughts on “The ten-month mark (a week late)

  1. She Likes Purple says:

    It literally stuns me that my kid may be able to do all of these things in just five months. MY GOD. This is the craziest phase, isn’t it. The milestones whirl right past.

  2. Creepy Mommy says:

    Wow! Everything about Syd is so awesome! She says so many words! Harper is way behind on the words/high fives/listening to me thing. she does give the kisses, though. Can you believe it’s almost been a year!? Where does the time go??? Well, your girl looks super awesome and amazing and she’s getting SO BIGGG!

  3. Lizzie says:

    Go Sydney! Lu just learned high fives too – isn’t that so cute? It’s hard to ignore now that these are little PEOPLE that think and process things differently from us. I can’t see Lucy as an extension of myself anymore, you know?

  4. amanda says:

    You’ve inspired me! Must switch to strawberries because, and it only took me three kids to figure it out, though they love bananas they generate the worst, ag section of the county fair in the middle of July kind of foulness.

    She is too, too cute!

  5. Jennifer says:

    Love reading your blog. You make life seem normal and it makes all the sense in the world. Sydney is so beautiful and growing so quickly. What a gorgeous daughter you have!

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