A few possibilites

Sydney went to bed a little after 6:30 last night.

Perhaps it was because she was still really tired from her exciting 

Maybe it was because she's fighting an oncoming cold (according to her doctor … we were suspicious of ear infection but NOPE!  All clear).

Or she's battling a new tooth.

Or because she woke up at 6:30 yesterday morning.

And then only took one 45-minute nap.

And then went to Costco and the grocery store with Mama.

Or maybe it was the huge dinner of olives, mac and cheese, and strawberries that she ate.

Or that she finally got a bath in her own bathtub.

And her blanket was all clean and fresh and extra-snuggly.

And she had the luxury of being rocked to sleep in her glider.
I went to bed a little before 7:00 last night.

Maybe it's because vacation wore me the heck out.

And then on the morning of the day when I have MILLIONS of things to get done, Sydney woke up at 6:30.

And then only napped for 45 minutes THE ENTIRE DAY.

Or maybe it was the six loads of laundry I washed and put away (three to go!).

Or that I took Syd to the doctor afraid that she was sick because she was cranky and pulling on her ear and when she wasn't felt like a total idiot and "one of those moms"
… even though our pediatrician is really nice and told me to keep a close eye on her because it's possible she's got a cold coming on.

And then took her to Costco where she had a horrid diarrhea (with diaper rash for extra fun!) diaper that I had to change in the mattress aisle, Syd screaming and crying the whole time and then insisting on being carried the rest of the shopping trip as I one-arm muscled my giant, full cart.

And then when we were checking out the zillionth person complimented me on my beautiful, social little girl and then immediately asked me when my NEXT BABY – and yes, pointed at my poochy, full-of-pizza-and-berry-sundae stomach – was due (thank you Costco cashier for ROLLING YOUR EYES AT THAT LADY).

Why else would I go to bed at 7:00 p.m?

In my clothes?

Without dinner?

With my contacts in?

With my bra on?

With my eye makeup on?

On top of the covers?

And sleep until 7:30 this morning?

3 thoughts on “A few possibilites

  1. Melody A. Huddle says:

    I have always believed, that after vacation, you need a vacation. So honey, you are feeling the vacation woes. I am glad Sydney is okay, and when I had Sydney’s Aunt Candice the lady at the store asked me, if she was my 1st. grandchild. Okay I knew my mother was young and beautiful, but I was the mommy, not the grandma. Love Mama

  2. Emily says:

    Um, forgive me, but I want to see EVERY PHOTO FROM YOUR VACATION.

    And I am jealous that your kid slept in a hotel room. When Asher was 10 months, we took our first vacation to Michigan to visit Dave’s family, and got about 6 hours of sleep in five days. IT SUCKED.

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