Holding pattern


That's how much I've weighed (on and off) for the last month.  Which if I'm honest?  Is still 12 pounds away from where I want to be, BUT is the least I've weighed for three years. While I'm a little wistful about what I have yet to accomplish, I'm still really dang proud of myself and feeling A LOT more comfortable in my own skin.

When I was pregnant two weeks ago I sent Weight Watchers a preliminary "What do I do if I'm pregnant?" email because I'd heard that they had a fantastic eating plan for pregnant women (they don't, as it were).  Because they are um, a little OVERLY thorough in my opinion, WW extrapolated.  They congratulated me, cancelled my subscription and refunded the monthly payment I had just made … to which I initially said, "BOO AND SCREW YOU TOO WEIGHT WATCHERS!"  And then I dove into a huge bag of Famous Amos cookies because life kinda sucked hard at that point in time.

And then I thought about it for a minute:  I haven't tracked points in a LONG time.  I haven't gained any weight back (26.5 pounds lost!!).  It seems like I have the hang of this whole making better choices thing.  And so I'm wondering if I even need to press the issue and figure out how to get signed back up to my online Weight Watchers subscription.  I'm thinking maybe I can pull this off on my own?

All summer I've been plotting my return to exercise.  I have yet to run a step or dust off my copy of The 30 Day Shred.  I have yet to pick the half-marathon I want to run because the one I REALLY wanted to run is full thanks to a lottery system that went down last spring. I constantly excuse myself because I carry a 24-pound 11-month-old around with me everywhere and that HAS to count for something (right? RIGHT?!). And so we come around to the phenomenon called "skinny fat" … in which I am at a decent weight and yet?  Flights of stairs wind me and my body could use some muscle tone.

So here we are: Do I return to Weight Watchers with my tail between my legs?  Do I take the things I've learned and add exercise back to my life and see what happens?  Do I say SCREW ALL THIS and continue making out with a bag of cookies?

(and now follows the gratuitous photo of myself that is in no way unflattering because I am dressed up for my anniversary and I know I look cute and there is no way EVER I would put an unflattering photo of myself on the internet except to PROVE SOMETHING)


(Me and my anniversary yo-yo.  A lovely story for another day!)


5 thoughts on “Holding pattern

  1. Manda says:

    I went through this too when I was on WW. Eventually I just stopped counting points and two summers later, I still haven’t gained back most of the weight. (I gained back 5 of the 20 plus pounds I lost but I blame that on a combination of losing my job and starting to take an antidepressant). Anywho, if you’re looking for a workout plan (and this coming from a girl who DOES NOT WORK OUT), I really enjoyed the new EA Active for the Wii. I’m in the middle of the 30 day challenge right now and holy cow are my muscles toned, especially in my back and arms. Plus it’s fun and even though you will sweat your skull off (bad analogy), it’s fun.

  2. larmar says:

    maybe just give it a go on your own for a few months and see how you do? i just rejoined WW, and it seems that the way they do it now, that once you get the hang of it, you could perhaps continue to do it without paying so much a month. you can always rejoin if you need to.

    and i just bought the 30 day shred. have yet to use it. but i bought it because of you, so let that be motivation to get back into it!!

  3. Liz says:

    HALF MARATHON. I’m still waiting for you to send me some sort of training plan. (HA! Who am I kidding? That’s my excuse for not training! There’s no rush!) Every time I look at Emily Cassee’s photos, I start thinking, gosh if I could JUST GET OFF MY DUFF I could do that too…

  4. Caroline says:

    It seems to me you got the hang of eating. Maybe try and on-line personal trainer. The money you are not using on weight watchers you can use for a trainer? I am sure there is one you can find that fits your lifestyle ie baby, no equipment,low funds. ( Plug for my hubby) but I work out at home and do not have a lot of equipment.

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