Lazy Friday Quick Takes

1. I didn't know this could be done, but I finally out-Swiffered myself.


RIP Swiffer WetJet.  You changed my life.  I shall replace you post-haste.

2.  I fit into my favorite jeans.  


"Fit into" does not equal "wearing in public" by the way.  It'll probably take a few more negative pounds for that BUT STILL. THEY ZIP UP AND EVERYTHING (*high five!*).

And yes, that is a granola bar in my hand in the photo.

And yes, I will probably eat Taco Bell today to celebrate.

3.  They call it "child pose" for a reason, do they not?  Sigh. 


4. Peeling sunburn has to be the most unattractive thing ever in the whole world. For this reason I will soon purchase an overpriced loofah on a stick.

5. Sydney has the fun new habit of smearing food in her hair AT EVERY MEAL. This gives me two choices:  Bathe her after every meal (NO) OR scrub down her head with 30 baby wipes, comb out the gunk, and experiment with ponytails.

Here's what we've come up with so far:

Before ("Ha ha Mama I'm so funny I FEED MY HAIR!  Hee hee!"):

After ("ohmygoodness that is so cute where is my camera SQUEE!"):

Before ("But DADDY thinks it's so funny when I put stuff on my head!")


After (But I sure look cute while I'm doing all the crazy stuff my Daddy teaches me how to do!!):

6.Speaking of Daddy, John wielded a chainsaw this week and cut down this huge, out-of-control, ugly evergreen hedge thing that separated our yard from our neighbor's yard. Not only was he making me SO HAPPY by getting rid of this thing that I've been wishing was gone for the two years we lived here, he was lookin' SEXY doing it.  MO' POWAH BABY!


7. If we ever have another daughter, she is getting such a cool name.  It came to me last night and YES, it's just as good as Sydney and NO I won't tell you what it is but I am kinda proud of myself. It is totally uncommon but not unheard of, has significance, blah blah blah.  It's awesome.  You will never guess it in a million years. I needed to share because I occasionally have these moments of brilliance that give me hope that the thousands of dollars that went into my college education weren't a total and complete waste.*

*Because quite obviously what I write here is only brilliant .000013% of the time and even if I won't PROVE that I sometimes have moments of 
brilliance I at least want to TELL someone even if I won't tell them 
ABOUT the brilliance which makes total and complete sense, RIGHT?

** I should go eat something. This is crazy talk.


10 thoughts on “Lazy Friday Quick Takes

  1. Laura P says:

    My youngest always put food in her hair at meal time too. I just scrubbed her hair with wet washcloth… I’m not missing the babyfood days.

  2. Rachel says:

    Way to go on the jeans!

    Good thing you didn’t write the name, I am in desperate need of a good girl name now, and I’m not above thieving a good one.

  3. Emily says:

    Oh the FIRST THING I am going to ask you when you pick me up at the airport is going to be ABOUT THAT NAME.

    Only another month or so! I can’t wait!!!

  4. Nikki says:

    I hope your secret name isn’t Clementine or Suzannah, because I’m trying to talk David into those names. No, we’re not pregnant, and yes, they are both in folk songs and are totally old-fashioned, but I really like them.

    I love you blog. Thanks for writing!

  5. A'Dell says:

    You cannot mention an Awesome Baby Nane and not tell me. It’s all i am going to think about now. I love baby girl names like I love chocolate cake.

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