A week in seven quick takes


We have a long-term houseguest:


This is one of our best friends Israel (we just call him "Uncle Iz") who lives in Texas but has come to stay with us for a while.  HE IS AWESOME!  Not only does he like to read books (and has read Farm Peek-A-Boo to Sydney easily 5 bazillion times), play guitar for us, take photos at our various birthday parties, make us salsa AND cake, but he also likes to do PROJECTS.  For instance?  While John, Sydney and I were out of town at camp, we hired him to do a little yard work while he dogsat. When we came back?  It looked like and episode of Flip That YARD had been filmed at our house, I am not even joking.  And then he was all, "I'm not even DONE yet and I LOVE working on the yard so if you guys don't mind I'll just keep at it.  FOR FREE." And then we choked on our coffee and hugged Israel and cried because although we enjoy spending time outside, we are kinda booked with Princess "READ TO ME RIGHT NOW!" (me) and working long hours (John).  Can I just say that it's AMAZING to have your yard all fixed up and to be able to enjoy it and not be embarrassed at your daughter's birthday party which is, um, outside?  

Also, yard work really impresses Nana.


Nana says that she's not above cougar-hood if none of you ladies snatch up Uncle Iz anytime soon.

I resigned from my job at Young Life on Tuesday.  It is the first time I have ever left a job for any reason other than an impending move.  It was probably the most necessary thing I could have done at this point in my life, but it was also insanely terrifying.  And it's funny, even though I left my "job" I'm still going to keep doing exactly the same thing I was doing (mostly).  Just for no pay.  Funny how that works out. 

On Tuesday night my computer battery died because my charger was being silly and mysteriously not charging my computer all day.  The screen went black.  The charger light wouldn't come on, and I did what any rational person would do AND TOTALLY PANICKED.  And then I got out my phone and started begging Twitter to help me fix it. Emily recommended that I take out the battery and put it back in and try again, which got the light back on the charger.  But pressing the power button didn't help, so I called my father-in-law the Mac Genius and he told me to hold the power button down for a loooong time (10-15 seconds).  I was all "I TOTALLY did that already and it's not working WAAAAH!" and so he told me to try and call Apple but they were closed, WAAAAHHH!  So then I sat down and held the power button for a 15-count and you know what?  THE SUCKER TURNED ON.  

Elapsed time?  THREE HOURS. *slaps hand to forehead*

I just wanted to admit that I've been totally writing posts and then backdating them. Which is why all these posts jumped up this week and were dated as if I wrote them earlier.  If I was looking at someone else's blog and this happened I'd be all, "What?  How did I miss that?" and think I was going crazy. So this is just to say, no, you're not going crazy, and if you'd like to catch up and comment you're VERY welcome to do so. xoxo

In other blog-related news I got a katrillion spam comments in the last 24 hours. ANNOYING.  I had to change my comment settings to include one of those CAPTCHA thingies where you type in letter and number combos when you leave a comment.  Sorry for the inconvenience and please email me if it ends up making commenting impossible.  

I'm getting to the point where I cannot avoid getting my hair at least trimmed anymore. I'm going to call Whoorl's stylist tomorrow and make an appointment because?  I MUST LOOK FANCY FOR THE BLATHERING!

Today John, Uncle Iz and our friend Terrence babysat Sydney while I went to have coffee with a friend.  I ended up being gone, uh, four hours and when I got home I asked "So, what did you do?"  The answer?  We read books, played, went swimming, ate a huge lunch, then went down for a nap an hour ago!"  By "went swimming" they meant the kiddie pool in the backyard by the way.  I found a soaking wet baby shirt on my back porch, and all three GROWN MEN had changed their soaking wet clothes because of this wild little girl:

DSC05469 DSC05470

Oh how I love her!!

More Quick Takes here.

3 thoughts on “A week in seven quick takes

  1. Morgan S. says:

    That is my kind of house guest!

    I hope, if anything, the computer misbehaving has sent you scurrying to do back-ups. My Mac quit on me one day and I lost the entire month 10 of Brooke’s life on film. Granted, we have – NO JOKE – 7,000 photos of the last three years, I still miss THOSE photos. And now my charger cord is getting hot, melty and burned looking, so I think an $80 visit to the mac store is in order.

    Inquiring minds want to know why you are leaving your Young Life job? Esp. if you are still working there?

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