In which I get my hair did

So there's a fair amount of vain whining about my hair on this website, I can admit to that. But wouldn't you whine once in a while if THIS beast was atop your head (as if I need to remind you?)?

(Tomorrow's post: In which Maggie kills me for posting the third photo of her this week and I digress and say that I cannot figure out how to edit photos on iPhoto yet GOSH!)

Um yeah, wasn't joking.

My hair has been out of stinking control for a while now.When I walked into the salon and finally met Tera, who happens to be hairstylist to the stars (i.e. Whoorl's hairstylist), I had to hide my face in my hands several times as I explained how I went back to a stylist who did a hackjob and gave me a near-mullet in an attempt to give me bangs, and then also had to admit to her that the last haircut I'd had was at Wal-Mart. Her very sweet response to THAT little tidbit was, "Oh I didn't even know they had a hair salon at Wal-Mart!" Oh dear sweet Tera, the place where I got my hair cut at Wal-Mart probably really doesn't qualify as a salon but you are so generous to poor pathetic SmartStyle and my old friend Adrien, the man with purple fingernails who I faithfully went to for three years!

(Hey look, there's Tera!!)

ANYWAY, here's what happened. WE TALKED. I equate a good hairdresser to a good doctor … as in, your hairdresser must have excellent bedside manner. Tera is a lovely person inside and out. When I blah blah blahed about the horrid things my poor hair has been through the last few years and declared that I wanted to look fresh, adult, and NOT have mom hair by the end of our session. We talked about family, our kids, blogs and Twitter, all kinds of things. And then she got down to the business of an oh-so-subtle mini-highlight that would light up my face:

("Why yes I WOULD like my face to have light on it! How nice of you to offer!")

She showed me the most ADORABLE little shoes that she'd gotten for her daughter (MOCCASINS! BABY GIRL MOCCASINS!!). And then she went to work with shampoo and scissors and had this whole totally chilled out and confident demeanor the entire time and before I knew it I was all styled out and DONE! We hugged, and as soon as I got home I emailed Sarah at the craziest thank-you note full of more caps lock than should be legal.


I have not felt this good in a long time. How on earth can a haircut make you look like you just took a nap? I have no idea but I LIKE IT! I know it's not the most drastic change, but there's something about just taking a little time (and oh dear spending a bit of money) that makes you feel like a million bucks. And the compliments from my husband ain't hurting either!  

Three cheers for good hair! YAY!


4 thoughts on “In which I get my hair did

  1. Lily Chang says:

    Fabulous darling. How, how’s about using your connections to hook me up with a hair stylist in my area? I am just about ready to donate my mane and get a lovely hairdo (and perhaps a highlight).

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