Hair, Jr.

So this little girl refuses to wear her hair back in a barrette:


And when I say refuse I mean REFUSE. Every day when I get her dressed I pull the longish part in the front back with a clip of some sort and then try and distract her so that she won't yank it out. Every day I FAIL. FAIL FAIL FAAAAAIL. Her hair is getting longer and I'm in a bit of a quandry because while I want her to be able to see stuff, I also don't want her to end up looking like this:


While I am very cute at age three, my haircut happens to be the EXACT same haircut that my father had at the time. Which I'm sure for 1983 was very stylish. FOR A MAN. Since my daughter has the exact same hair texture and color and COWLICKS that John does, if I start going wild with the scissors, she could very well end up looking like this:


While very handsome, he is A MAN (there is a running NO BOY HAIRCUTS FOR GIRLS theme going on right now if you can't tell, although we don't mind if daddies wear curlers because good daddies DO IT ALL).

And so we have the age-old dilemma: do I just let her hair grow and be thankful for the portion of the day when it's slicked back with mac and cheese? Do I continue to try and wear her down with the daily barrette ritual that is not likely to work ever in this lifetime? [Edited to add: I have also tried to make fountain ponytails with those little elastics AND SHE CAN GET THOSE OUT!] Or do I just lop off the long parts in the front so she can see? HAIR IS VERY TRAUMATIC FOR ME PEOPLE. WE CANNOT MAKE ANY RASH DECISIONS.

But we can play with curlers in the meantime.


(Also you can join my Hair Trauma flickr group and share all your bad hair days! YAY!)


8 thoughts on “Hair, Jr.

  1. Alison says:

    They’re kind of a pain, but I use those tiny little latex elastics that you can get at Target in the kids hair care section. My girls won’t keep a barrette or bow in, but they can’t get those elastics off. Their hair always looks like a sprout on top of their heads, but it’s pretty cute if I don’t say so myself. 🙂

  2. Nora says:

    We did a couple of things with Bethany’s… at first, I did the pig tails on the top of her head. She couldn’t pull out the rubber bands and it was adorable and it kept her hair out of her face. Then, we decided to do bangs. She has her father’s forehead so I think she will most likely have bangs her entire life :)))… Still, even now that she’s four and her hair is long, I have to pretty much pull it back someway every single day. It is so fine and tangles easily and she STILL gets food in it… and even when I let her wear it down, I put a bow in on the side to keep it out of her face.

  3. Liz says:

    I like the elastics too. They’re wicked hard to get off it you’re not dexterous with your fingers.

    And you can clip the bangs without making a mullet! And anyway it’ll grow so fast! Syd is so darn CUTE, and I don’t think she’ll hate you later for it.

  4. barbetti says:

    I jokingly put a ponytail in my son’s hair because he’s bald ALL OVER HIS HEAD except the mohawk he has. Steve wasn’t impressed.

    And dude, your daughter looks SO MUCH like you. Uncanny.

  5. larmar says:

    wow. i was about to rave and rave about the little elastics, but you went and burst that bubble. i am in the same boat with alex’s hair. the salon i go to (uhh… like once a year… or less) gives kids their first haircuts for free, so i am tempted to go get the first one done there, so i can watch how they do it so the kid doens’t end up looking like… uhm… well… how we looked when our moms cut our hair. the back i want to grow, but the front… it drives me crazy. but if i start bangs, i feel like i am commiting to them, and i am not ready for a long-term relationship with bangs yet. because then i will have the same problem every three months.

  6. Kristie says:

    I have my boys so I just chop it off but there’s nothing more annoying to me when I can’t see a sweet little girl’s eyes. I vote to trim it. 🙂

  7. Dani says:

    I used to put the little elastics in while she was asleep so she wouldn’t know to pull them out.

    and OMG. your flickr hair photos are KILLING ME.

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