Seven quick takes, UFC edition

1. Last Wednesday I got hurled into a chair by a high school boy during a game. My leg STILL looks like this:


2. Nope, that's not purple eyeshadow; Sydney fell and whacked her eye on a table in her room as I looked on in absolute HORROR:


How does one record "baby's first shiner" in a baby book?

3. And Wednesday, just when I thought I couldn't take any more, some of my students brought me these as a thank-you for some recommendations I wrote for them:



4. I've already told you about the dog pee and anal gland drainage that's gone down over here this week. So I'm low on material already. But as it happens, I do have a basset hound for sale.



5. Apparently there was an earthquake in LA today? That was strong enough to knock my gas lines all out of whack? And the only way I could tell was when I went to make dinner and the stove wouldn't light? Either that was a wussy earthquake or I have superpowers. I'm going to go with superpowers on this one, most definitely.

6. I got out of Costco for less than $100 yesterday. It's worth noting.

7. Jennie and Elizabeth have invited me to contribute to their blog Style Lush! I feel so FANCY! Stay tuned for a post about jeans shopping at this fancy French boutique I frequent called Tar-zay. HEH!

More quick takes here.


3 thoughts on “Seven quick takes, UFC edition

  1. maggie says:


    And that dog looks like the SWEETEST dog on the planet and also like my favorite kind of dog, the kind that just LIES AROUND AND DOES NOTHING. But I have not heard of this “anal gland”… perhaps I will pass.

  2. Mary says:

    Way to go on your Costco victory. I’m not sure I’ve ever made it out of there spending less than $100. I just get sucked into the DEALS!

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