How to take a proper Staycation

Today I write to you from my hidey hole hotel room in Austin, TX on the last day of our little trip. This weekend John worked. He taught at an Organic Church Conference and Sydney and I tagged along with the intention of attending when we could. HOWEVER.

Did you know that it's two hours earlier in Texas than it is in California?

And that toddlers don't LIKE to be woken up when it's 6 am in California, even though it's 8 am in Texas? 


Here's how our weekend went: We left California early on Friday morning. We had a mostly smooth flight thanks to a Starbucks yogurt parfait and lemon poppyseed bread, Sesame Street free podcasts on my iPhone (but I didn't think about busting them out until mid-flight, when the squirminess reached an unbearable, er, height), and our trusty Chronicles of Narnia pop-up book. By the time we got to the hotel, Sydney and I were a exhausted, hungry mess. Daddy had to get right to work, so we ventured out to the Chili's next door for a little lunch and then came back to the hotel for a nap. AND NAP SHE DID. Over where John was they had dinner (at 4 pm California time) and as we all know there is a strict DO NOT WAKE THE TODDLER OR I WILL STAB YOU rule in our family. And so she slept straight through dinner while I piddled around the hotel room, watching television online via our hotel's awesome free wireless and enjoying the booty from the free happy hour at our hotel. 

What does "free happy hour" mean in Texas, you wonder? Well, friends, let me enlighten you. Sure it means cocktails, etc. but do you know what else it means? A BUFFET. WITH FREE BAKED POTATOES, CHILI AND CHEESE NACHOS, HOT DOGS, AND DIET COKE. Let me just tell you one thing, people. I have had a glimpse into what heaven looks like. And it is eating nachos on my hotel room bed and watching Glee while my daughter is comatose over there in the pack-n-play. 

Eventually Sydney woke, ready for her dinner. I decided to order to-go from Chili's since it was a 30 second walk from our hotel room. We both ate like queens off the kids' menu for under ten bucks (if you do not yet have a clip-on high chair, this is why you need one:


Truly the best $35.99 I've ever spent. It was so, so easy to break down and pack). Then we watched Elmo, read books, wandered around our surprisingly child-friendly hotel room, took a bath, and finally dropped off to sleep. When Daddy got back to the room that night he found both girls in snuggled in bed: Sydney with her paci and stuffed lion and me with my MacBook and headphones. SIGH.

The next morning Dad had to get up at 6 am California time to get to work. He stomped around the room and answered a phone call in a very PURPOSEFUL NON-WHISPER, hoping that we'd stir in time to accompany him to the conference. No dice. Sydney staggered up in her bed only to be transplanted into bed with me, where she crawled onto my chest and promptly flopped back asleep for the next hour. More heaven for Mama! Then we two rolled out in search of breakfast. The hotel breakfast had already closed, but all it took was a little baby wave before the desk clerk was back in the kitchen packing up a huge to-go tray of breakfast goodies for us (stay tuned, I'm going to write an amazing review of this hotel soon). Back up to the room we went with our spoils and pigged out on bananas, muffins, yogurt and milk. And then we just hung out and played until naptime. And naptime? WAS THREE HOURS LONG. I might cry if I describe to you how much I enjoyed myself in those three hours. DOING NOTHING. TALKING TO NO ONE. CLEANING NOTHING. See? Now I'm getting all misty. Because at that point it was still SATURDAY. 

The weekend continued in much the same fashion, with Sydney and I only leaving the hotel each day long enough to find some lunch so the housekeeper could come and replace our towels and tidy up. It was so, so awesome to just hang out with my daughter all day with nothing to do but hang out with each other, nap, think, and eat. It was exactly what I needed. And right now? I'm pretty sad that we have to go home where the world is waiting.




4 thoughts on “How to take a proper Staycation

  1. Michelle says:

    That sounds like an awesome weekend! I have to say that I am slightly jealous! You will definitely have to tell us about this hotel that absolutely sounds like heaven.

  2. barbetti says:

    I really enjoy being in hotels, too. I mean, you can make the biggest mess ever, leave for lunch and return with a spick and span room. Though, this one time, when I was in New Jersey, our maid totally stole a ring of mine. My fault for leaving it out, but SAD.

    Also, can your daughter be any more adorable? Methinks no.

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