The finest mid-range chain hotel in all of Austin (and perhaps? AMERICA*)

If you are ever in Austin, TX and are looking for an amazing mid-range hotel, you must visit this particular Drury Inn and Suites. We stayed there last weekend while John was working. Sydney and I spent A LOT of time in this hotel, and it was the most fabulous Staycation ever in our history.

It's not so much that it's the fanciest hotel I've ever stayed in. But it was AWESOME.

Our room was CLEAN. My daughter crawled and walked all over that place and her clothes were WAY cleaner than they ever are AT HOME. I had no problem popping her in the bathtub for her bath each night. Overall, I was really impressed with the cleanliness (but don't press me too hard, I AM STILL A GERM-PHOBE).

The staff was friendly and kind. One morning we overslept and missed the breakfast buffet. No worries! The front desk clerk was more than willing to pillage the kitchen for me and Syd. She fixed up a huge tray of breakfast goodies – bananas, muffins, two kinds of cereal and yogurt – to eat in our room upstairs. The breakfast buffet, by the way, is also included in your stay. In the morning they had FREE eggs, french toast, sausage, biscuits and gravy (I JUST LOVE TEXAS!), fruit, bagels, doughnuts, juice, coffee, and cereal.

Can you say FREE HAPPY HOUR? I CAN! Not only do you get a voucher that allows you three cocktails of your choice per day per person between the hours of 5:30-7, but also included is a buffet. And on that buffet? Hot dogs, baked potatoes, chili, cheese, jalapenos, tortilla and potato chips, salad, carrots and celery and ranch dressing, snack mix, fountain drinks, coffee, juice and milk. Between the hours of 3-10 pm you can have all the fresh popcorn you want (there is actually a popcorn machine in the lobby) and all the fountain drinks you can drink. HEAVEN.

The wifi was super fast and very strong. You had the choice of using it wirelessly and with a wire. I used it wirelessly to watch hours upon HOURS of television online and to download tons of podcasts to our iPod and iPhone without one single hiccup.

There were several places to eat within walking distance of the hotel: Chili's, Fuddrucker's, and a place called Papasito's. Sydney and I ordered off the Chili's to-go kids' menu several times to eat in the room and each time (even on a busy Friday and Saturday night) our food was ready within 15 minutes and cost under $10 for both of us!

We were never ready for housekeeping when housekeeping was ready for us (I had the "do not disturb" sign up until Sydney was done with her nap each day … because, uh, we did not leave the room much!). When we finally were napped and dressed and ready to venture out for lunch each day I would call the front desk and ask for service. Each time we returned an hour or so later, our room was ready … and spotless.

The only drawback of this hotel? There was no room service (Drury is a limited service hotel chain). Other than that I have not one single complaint. If you're ever in Austin and are looking for a clean, comfortable hotel in which to hang with your shorty … BOOK IT.

*I was not remunerated for this review, unless you count all the free snacks, breakfast, and stellar service … which was available to EVERYONE, not just anonymous bloggers. It is my opinion. We stayed in this hotel during the weekend of October 23-26, 2009. And had a great. freaking. time.


2 thoughts on “The finest mid-range chain hotel in all of Austin (and perhaps? AMERICA*)

  1. larmar says:

    i kind of want to go to texas just to stay there. 🙂 i lived in a hotel for three months, and i really wish it had been someplace like this!

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