Seven quick takes in photos

1. My sickie girl and her first pigtails.


2. Marine layer fog at 5 pm in our neighborhood. It's like we moved to the set of Twilight or something. I live in LA, I assume they can DO that sort of thing when it suits them! Who? You know … THEM.


3. One of Auntie Ashley's famous care packages came this week!




4. Nutella-covered croissants provided by Costco (and so? earlier this week we had 12 croissants and two large – as in, THIRTY-TWO OUNCES EACH – jars of Nutella. Now? Not so much. I'm blaming this post for it all!). 





After: (And yes. I did lick the plate a little. YOU KNOW YOU DO IT TOO.)


5. Someone's new favorite toy also happens to be her Daddy's favorite toy. OOPS.


6. Our bunny ears died and could not be resuscitated.


And so they were replaced with an emergency set from CVS (because! The Office was about to come on! EMERGENCY!). As it turns out, the cheapies from CVS pick up a WAY better signal than the old fancy-pants ones ever did. WHAT UP MEGAN MULLALLY!


7. Did we mention that Auntie Ash sent us a pink, sparkly BALL?! (she also sent the very cute outfits and lots of other fun goodies. Thanks Auntie Ash!)


More Quick Takes here.


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