Seven quick takes ARGHHHH

1. This morning I got a little frustrated with someone totally deconstructing my house instead of taking her nap. I lost my crap when she fell down face first on this little basset hound plastic statue thing we sometimes use to hold the door open and got a little bloody lip. And so? The basset hound statue HAD TO DIE.



2. Some friends are coming over for dinner tonight. I tried to be all Prepared and make the soup early. But guess what? I'm all out of gee dee canned tomatoes. And guess what else? Someone decided to terrorize me all morning instead of taking her nap and is taking her nap right now instead during shopping time. So it looks like we're having ground beef and Diet Coke for dinner. YUM.

3. I bought Up! on the day it came out as a gift for John along with some fancy hot chocolate mix and a bottle of mint syrup. We watched roughly half of it the first night (we started it around 11 pm, and the hearty cry we had after the first 15 minutes of that movie totally DID US IN). We finished it the next night, and I have had it on repeat on the television in our bedroom ever since. I don't want to give anything away, BUT YOU MUST SEE THIS MOVIE. It quite honestly is one of the finest films I've ever seen. And I went to artsy fartsy school for writing (which gives me every right to be a Know-It-All, right? RIGHT?!), and am VERY picky about such things. If I catch you rolling your eyes when you hear someone talking about the first 15 minutes of this movie there is a very likely chance that I will punch you in the throat. Safe to say I FEEL STRONGLY about this movie. STRONGLY, people.

4. My daughter poops in the tub when her daddy gives her a bath. ONLY when her daddy gives her a bath (knock on wood). Which would be awesome if I wasn't the one who always CLEANS IT UP.

5. We busted out the flannel sheets this week. Why? Because the temp dropped into the SIXTIES and we are freezing our butts off. The only downside of living in Texas those three years is that now? The blood is thin. And I was raised in the Chicago suburbs, people. I used to shovel the driveway in -5 degree windchill. It's just embarrassing. John went out of town tonight and he took the space heater with him and I'm not quite sure how we're going to survive. And YES we have central heat. PATHETIC.

6. So I found a random channel that plays reruns of The Ghost Whisperer like EVERY DAY right at Syd's bedtime. I hate to admit it, but I kind of like that sappy, dramatic show and when Jennifer Love Hewitt gets all teary when people say goodbye to their loved ones at the end SO DO I. Also I like her gigantic false eyelashes and her long flowy dresses and ESPECIALLY her long old-timey nightgowns. I LIKE IT. THERE I SAID IT. Also? I liked the movie Twilight and the reason why I liked it is because it was so UNAPOLOGETICALLY sappy and romantic. My conclusion is that motherhood has made me a total and complete sap what with all the HORMONES flying around here all the time. Also? I blame the internet for rotting my brain. Because quite obviously it now hates a challenge. Please don't stop being my friend, mmkay?

7. Somewhere during the writing of this list I managed to get to the store so our dinner will be complete (also? It involves cheese, Fritos Scoops!, and avocado AS TOPPINGS). Since my husband is out of town I'm also planning on baking something and eating as much of it as I can before he gets back home tomorrow night. Which means that I'll probably be gaining 5 lbs. in the next 24 hours. CHEERS!

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9 thoughts on “Seven quick takes ARGHHHH

  1. Michelle says:

    I am cracking up at your discussion of the “cold” temperatures! I can’t believe you grew up in the suburbs of Chicago! Temperatures in the 60’s are not cold…I mean, that’s still t-shirt and flip flop weather around here! Before I had a baby, we had to have our first freeze before we would turn on our heat!

  2. Katie says:

    I totally hear you about the cold weather! It’s 60 down here in San Diego and I wore fleece pants and socks into bed the other night, with my down comforter! I’m pathetic and I’m okay with it!

    (plus, it means Alice wears fleece footie pjs that are TOO cute!!!)

  3. barbetti says:

    I keep hearing about Up, and I guess that means I need to see it.

    And I lived through five harsh New England winters before Steve turned me on to flannel sheets. GENIUS!

  4. maggie says:

    Phillip and I BAWLED during that movie. And we saw it in the theater. Where people could SEE us. Two grown ups sobbing into their popcorn. And not just the montage (YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN) but pretty much the entire thing. People should not let us go out in public.

  5. bud says:

    Okay now inside doggies, we have had three cases of torpedo attacks – one of which was more of an octopus-inking – the first of which I did clean up (octo inking). The following two times, it is true – Manda cleaned up – because we had a squirmy aqua-poopie girl to watch/hold on to. And since I was already soaked, I stayed with nature girl.

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