That bugs

Get ready. I'm annoyed. And I need to tell you ALL ABOUT what's annoying me.

1. I can never find my camera when I need it. For instance? When my daughter is doing something really, REALLY cute. And then I realize that I have no idea where the stupid thing even IS. And so I tear the house apart looking for it and STILL can't find it. I HATE THAT (and yes, I cannot find it right now and had to take iPhone photos of my daughter being cute. This is why I have so many poor quality photos. And as it happens? I have a really nice camera when I can find the stupid dang thing).

2. Sneezing. It really annoys me. It annoys me when I sneeze. I always sneeze at the worst possible moment … mid-sentence, just as the baby is dropping off to sleep, during prayer at church, with a mouthful of milk, ALWAYS THE WORST MOMENT. I never seem to sneeze at a convenient time. It also annoys me when other people sneeze. I hate sneezes. There is no rational reason for it and quite obviously, it's unreasonable to not like it when someone sneezes because they can't help it. BUT IT ANNOYS ME ANYWAY.

3. Juicy. Our basset hound. He annoys me constantly and to no end. Whether he's barking to go out or barking to come in (two seconds later), trying to push me off the couch so he can have the warm spot I'm CURRENTLY sitting in, making a lot of noise just as the baby has fallen asleep, running around buck nutty and knocking over important things like laptops and cups of coffee, HE ANNOYS ME.

4. Email subscriptions. Every day I wake up with about 25 new emails and most of them? Are from random places where I've ordered something online, my google calendar to tell me … "OOP! No events scheduled today!" ARGH. Today I finally unsubscribed to as many as I could. I'm going to keep going. I never read them anyway, and I never take advantage of the "deals" and coupons.

5. When I try to comment on a blog and nothing happens. This occurs most often on my phone. Sometimes I work really hard typing out a comment on my iPhone and try to submit it and POOF, it's GONE. LOVELY. And then? I am stupid and try again. Only to be thwarted. BOO.

6. I work really hard on making shopping lists. It helps me to spend only the amount I've been allotted (er, sometimes), it saves time, and it keeps my brain in order. I am one of those people who gets into a store and immediately goes blank, then wanders around putting things in my cart trying to remember what I'm forgetting UNSUCCESSFULLY. And then I get home and have no cilantro or butter or some other essential ingredient and have to go BACK to the store with a toddler in tow … or? More likely? Eat cereal and potstickers for dinner. AGAIN. Anyway. On any given week I have a running grocery list, Costco list, and Target list. If I'm making a meal, I take the time to sit down with the recipe, check my cabinets and the fridge to see what I need, and make the list. I go to the grocery store 1-2 times a week, Target and Costco every other week. And yet? Even if my list makes it to the car? Or the diaper bag? I get into the store and realize? NO LIST. I have tried everything. I have tried typing lists into my precious iPhone. And then? I usually leave THAT in the car. And once in the store it is a huge pain to get back to the car and try to dig through the crapola in there to try and find it. You guessed it, ANNOYING.

7. When someone texts me a major life question and expects to converse about it through text messages. I love texting just as much as the next person. I text A LOT. My husband loves it because we share minutes and texts. He uses more minutes, I use more texts … it works out great. But honestly? If you really wanted to talk about it wouldn't you just call? Have coffee? Something? Maybe I'm a jerk, but that bugs.

8. When the Christmas stuff comes out at the stores before Halloween. I went to Target yesterday and it looked like a stinking Christmas car.  GIVE THANKSGIVING A CHANCE, CONSUMERS OF AMERICA. They wouldn't put it out if people weren't willing to buy it, right?

So I have to ask … what annoys you these days? Am I the lone irritated jerkwad out here?


6 thoughts on “That bugs

  1. morgan s. says:

    I am a crotchety old fogie who hates that the Christmas onlsaught has begun on TV and the stores. HATE IT.

    I too go to the grocery store specifically for certain items and then wander aimlessly. Drives me nuts.

    Another thing that pushes my buttons is my husband flinging the toilet seat up and blazing the bathroom lights (and usually accidentally turning on the bathroom fan which appears to move no air and yet sounds like a 747 at takeoff) with NO IDEA this could possibly disturb the sleeping baby. NEVER DISTURB THE SLEEPING BABY.

    Grump, grump.

  2. Lily says:

    When I was growing up, X-mas decorations didn’t go up in public places until AFTER Thanksgiving. Not sure why they’re coming out around Halloween now. Something else that bugs, having a period every THREE weeks.

  3. barbetti says:

    Sneezing annoys me. Especially people OTHER people sneezing because they never think to cover their mouths. Gross. Also: it makes Dublin cry HYSTERICALLY for 10 minutes, each time.

    I hear you on the dog issue. We ended up passing ours to my mother in law, which I feel semi-bad about, except he’s now an outside dog, which is loves. (He was an inside dog due to where we lived when we had him.)

  4. Grania says:

    There are a ton of apps for grocery lists. I’ve tried a few and now I use one called “GroceryIQ”. I think it cost a little (something less than $3) but it’s dang handy. There are plenty of free ones if you don’t want to pay. I too am a list loser, but my phone is always with me, so that solved that.

    and yeah, Christmas comes AFTER Thanksgiving. One holiday at a time please.

  5. Mountain Momma says:

    To that wonderful list I would add those damn crinkly toilet seat covers that NEVER stay on the seat. You spend 10 minutes getting it all perfect and then you sit on it and it all falls in the crapper. I hate that.

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