In which I eat crow.

So you know how I said that I thought everyone should just give Thanksgiving a chance?


On Saturday? We had the sudden realization that we're leaving town on Wednesday. And while Sydney and I are returning on the following Sunday, John won't be back until the following Thursday. And every year we put up the tree and decorate the house immediately after Thanksgiving. If you know me at all, you realize that having to wait four days after arriving home to put up the Christmas decorations might very well kill me.

And so? Yesterday we got down to the business of Christmas.




We have already watched three Christmas movies in two days. And? I'm really, really excited for Christmas this year! Last year we had a wee blob of baby who had no idea what was going on. Now? We have a TODDLER (weep!) who seems to be very entertained with the magic (or at least the redecoration) of it all. She's even "respecting" the Christmas tree so far!

And so, I take it back. Don't give Thanksgiving a chance. Let's start Christmas in July next year.

Also? I quit you, NaBloPoMo. I QUIT.


8 thoughts on “In which I eat crow.

  1. Ashley says:

    That’s funny that you blogged about this because when I saw your pictures I was all like “Whaaat?” But I feel ya..I’m way excited for Christmas and can’t wait to decorate. Christmas, here we come!

  2. Lily says:

    Yipppppeeeeeeeeeeeeee; Can’t wait to see you guys! Do you guys and your mom and sister want to help us put up our Christmas decorations Friday, after Thanksgiving? Syd’s changing so fast.

  3. Raven says:

    Halloween is my holiday. I am not about Thanksgiving or Christmas AT ALL. I have absolutely no explanation for the fact that I already have most of Christmas up in my house already AND bought both the pie and the cheesecake I need for Thanksgiving last night.

    It’s like the Twilight Zone around here right now.

  4. barbetti says:

    I’m with you. I’m SO excited for Christmas, partly because it’s our first with Dublin and partly because Christmas is the best thing ever. My favorite holiday.

    And I know, I say this EVERY TIME, but cuteness overload!

  5. Swistle says:

    Wheeeee! Christmas light time!

    We’re putting out just the non-fragile Christmas ornaments this year, because our toddler is Disrespectful. Luckily I have enough ornaments for, like, three whole trees, so this won’t mean skimping.

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